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Our Clients, on the Benefits of Everside Health

June 10th, 2022 | 2 min. read

By Everside Health

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Everside Health is one of the nation’s largest direct-to-employer primary care providers, with more than 375 health centers across 34 states--and 60 new health centers planned in 2022. The winner of the “Best in KLAS” award for employer-sponsored healthcare services in 2022, Everside received top scores across independently judged metrics based on our own clients’ feedback

It’s how Everside’s clients have experienced: 

  • Gross average savings of 17% by Year 3 and 31% by Year 5 
  • An annual inflation trend of <1.5% (vs. national benchmark of 6-7%) 
  • 3 in 4 members with an improved opinion of their employer 
  • A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85 that outpaces the traditional primary care average of -1.7 

With more than 20 years’ experience in onsite and near-site health care, Everside has worked with employers, unions, and municipalities to provide a turnkey healthcare benefit that improves health outcomes and drives down costs. 

Stories we're proud to share

Don’t take it from us. See how one Wisconsin county and city saved over $25M in net healthcare savings. 


Or how an Everside partnership with a local union resulted in a life-saving diagnosis for one of the union’s longest-tenured members. 


Or a school district dating back to 1869 that needed a better healthcare benefit to keep its teachers healthy and in the classroom. 


The solution lies in Predictive Patient Care: a proprietary algorithm that securely collects patient data and informs a unique care plan for every member—without having to tell us themselves. Through a holistic solution that includes:  

  • preventive and primary care; 
  • chronic condition management; 
  • mental health support; 
  • occupational health; 
  • onsite labs and prescriptions; 
  • and a robust virtual care solution,  

Everside patients receive a complete care model that improves outcomes before they become high-cost drivers. In turn, Everside’s client partners see lower rates of expensive downstream health events like emergency room and hospital stays, reduced rates of absenteeism, and a more engaged workforce. 

The cost of doing nothing

A study published in Preventing Chronic Disease: Public Health Research, Practice and Policy examined the relationship between absenteeism and five common conditions: three risk factors (smoking, physical inactivity, and obesity) and two chronic diseases (hypertension and diabetes). They discovered that: 

  • Each condition was associated with annual absenteeism costs greater than $2 billion 
  • Costs went up to $81 per employee per year for smaller employers, and 
  • Up to $286 per employee per year for larger employers 

The question becomes: how much extra is your organization spending per year on a health benefit that treats the symptoms of the most common chronic conditions, instead of the conditions themselves?

If you're curious about what an Everside Health partnership would look like for your employees or union members, we've got answers. Whether it's a comprehensive healthcare solution, merely an addition to your current benefits, or somewhere in between, Everside has the flexibility and scale alongside 20+ years of experience to design a partnership that works.

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