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4 Ways Virtual Care Can Improve Employee Productivity

September 13th, 2023 | 4 min. read

By Everside Health

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You need a productive workforce to keep up with the fast and ever-changing corporate and professional landscape. Productivity is a critical component of any business operations, and you can optimize levels by offering virtual care that ensures quick and convenient access to care. 

By incorporating virtual health care options, such as Everside Health’s CareAnywhere solution, you’ll have the opportunity to improve overall employee health and well-being, reduce absenteeism, and enhance health outcomes – all of which can result in a happier, more satisfied, more productive team. 

CareAnyware is a scalable solution designed to enhance Advanced Primary Care and ensures every employee in your organization has access to care when they need it. Adding virtual care for workers who are too far away to access in-person Advanced Primary Care at onsite or near-site centers can also increase productivity, so you’re ready to keep up with the competition. We’re sharing all the benefits of virtual care here.

Virtual care explained

Virtual health care is a method of care delivery that allows patients to connect with providers without having to travel to a physical location. Instead, coordination, consultation, and care are provided through secure video conferencing, text-based apps, and/or secure messaging systems using digital communication tools.

This approach to care offers several benefits for employees and employers. Some of the top advantages of enhancing Advanced Primary Care core offerings with virtual care include:

  • Convenience: Employees can consult with qualified medical professionals from their homes or workspaces, saving time on travel that could otherwise take them away from work and affect productivity.
  • Faster access to care: Research suggests that in 2022, the average time it took to get an appointment with a provider was 26 days. Virtual appointments are often easier to schedule, meaning more timely treatment for acute issues or ongoing management of chronic conditions.
  • Better patient engagement: The ease of virtual care encourages more frequent and positive interactions between patient and provider, fostering stronger relationships and better overall health outcomes.
  • Care continuity: With remote monitoring capabilities, virtual care enables seamless coordination between multiple providers across different specialties within a care team.
  • High patient satisfaction: Everside Health research found that companies that offer virtual care through CareAnywhere as an enhancement to Advanced Primary Care saw an average patient satisfaction score with NPS of 94. 

The impact of employee health on the workplace productivity

Employee health is a critical determining factor in workplace productivity. The impact of workers who aren’t mentally or physically well can include:

  • Decreased work performance: Employees with mental or physical health issues may struggle to focus on tasks, reducing efficiency and output. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) Center for Workplace Mental Health notes that workers with untreated depression can cost employers up to $44 billion annually in lost productivity.
  • Absenteeism: When employees miss work due to illness or medical appointments, it disrupts the workflow and increases costs associated with hiring temporary staff or paying overtime for others to cover their workload. An Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) study found that U.S. businesses lose over $530 billion annually because of illness-related lost productivity.  

To combat these challenges and improve overall productivity, prioritizing employee wellness initiatives – like virtual care services that can extend access to Advanced Primary care offered by Everside Health – is a must.

4 ways easy access to care leads to productivity

Today’s work environment is fast-paced. Virtual care as part of your benefits package can significantly increase productivity. How? Here are just some of the ways that virtual care options can make your workforce more productive:

  1. Reduced absenteeism: Quick access to medical professionals via virtual care means concerns can be promptly addressed.
  2. Faster recovery times: Virtual care allows quick treatment assessment and recommendations for minor illnesses or injuries so people can be back on their feet sooner, with reduced downtime at work.
  3. Better mental health support: Online therapy provider Talkspace’s Employee Stress Check 2022 Report discovered that more than half (53%) of workers surveyed are burned out. And almost half (46%) feel their job is too stressful. Lack of access to adequate mental health professionals further exacerbates the problem. With remote access to mental health services, employees experiencing stress or anxiety can seek help easily and discreetly, from wherever they are, improving overall well-being and increasing focus and efficiency on the job.
  4. Maintain employee engagement and retention: Adding comprehensive options like virtual care demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare. As a result, it can boost morale, foster loyalty, and increase productivity.

To maximize these benefits organization-wide, consider integrating virtual care solutions within Everside Health’s Complete Care model. Everside’s data-driven approach uses advanced analytics tools that allow you to make informed decisions for better ROI, so you don’t have to wonder or worry if you’re getting the most out of your plan.

Why offering virtual care is a must in today’s workplace

As a Human Resources manager, recognizing the importance of incorporating virtual care services into your employee benefits package can be a game-changer. If you're looking for ways to enhance your offering, here are some of the wins that virtual care can provide:

  • Reduce rising care costs: With the cost of care constantly rising, providing employees with virtual health care can reduce total cost of care year over year.
  • Accommodate the remote work revolution: The pandemic accelerated the shift towards remote work arrangements. Virtual care options ensure employees working from home can access medical consultations and care easily.
  • Offer mental health support: Mental health issues are increasingly prevalent today. By offering virtual mental health support, you can help address this growing concern and promote a healthier work environment.
  • Improve talent and recruitment retention: A comprehensive benefits package that includes virtual care options makes your organization more attractive when recruiting top talent. It also encourages employees to stay with your company. 

Everside Health’s integrated approach combines in-person and virtual health care solutions tailored specifically for each individual’s needs – ensuring optimal patient outcomes. Learn how Advanced Primary Care, enhanced with virtual care benefits through CareAnywhere, can help employees contribute positively toward organizational success and enhance productivity levels.

Get more from your workforce with Advanced Primary Care enhanced with virtual care

Employee productivity is crucial to your success. Including virtual health care as part of your benefits package can improve productivity-levels through convenient and quality access to effective care. 

At Everside Health, we understand the connection between employee health and productivity – which is why we offer Advanced Primary Care that can be enhanced with virtual care services.  


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