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Offer direct primary care for a healthier workforce with fewer (and lower) claims

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Reduce Costs for Good

Lower total healthcare spending by up to 40%

We partner with you to customize care teams, onsite or near-site health centers, virtual care and services that meet your employees’ needs. Plus, we use data to make sure we’re engaging with them at the right times. The result? Improved outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Elevate Your Organization

Everside Health direct primary care is the best way to escape crushing healthcare costs that only get higher each year. Here’s why:

Better Access

Because they don’t need coinsurance (although they can have it) and often don’t have co-pays, our patients visit us early and often, helping them (and you) avoid costly health emergencies

More Engagement

Our clients see high (80-90%) participation in our benefit program.

More Motivated Providers

Our providers are motivated by the right incentives: patient experience, health outcomes and engagement.

Complete Care

We handle 85-90% of our patients’ healthcare needs at our local health centers.

Healthier Workers

79% of our patients say their health has improved as a result of Everside Health.

Higher Productivity

We manage referrals, reduce waste, give you access to data and help you easily deploy advanced healthcare strategies.

Your Custom Everside Health Solution

Whether you work for a government entity with complicated regulations and red tape or for a private employer with highly specialized needs, we’re ready to help you find the Everside Health solution for you. Let’s talk.

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