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Mental Health
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The link between mental and physical health

  • The cost of care is 75% higher for people with co-occurring mental and physical health issues than those without a behavioral health issue​
  • Depression has been linked to serious chronic illnesses—including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and arthritis
  • The mortality rate from cancer and heart disease is higher among people with depression or other mental health conditions​
  • About 1 in 4 US adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder each year​

The barriers to effective mental healthcare

  • 85% of the nation’s mental health provider shortages are in rural communities
  • 42% of surveyed Americans with a mental health disorder described cost and poor insurance coverage as their primary barrier to care
  • 11 years: the average delay between symptom onset and receiving care
  • 25 days: the average wait time to see a professional for an initial evaluation

Even when care is accessible within a community, too often it is fragmented and uncoordinated between providers and specialists, making follow-up and communication difficult for patients. This means missed or neglected treatment and worse health outcomes.

  • Traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs) feature historically low utilization and satisfaction (3-5%) and these are not connected to primary care
  • Specialty mental health companies often rely on inconsistent staffing, are not connected to primary care, and vary in terms of insurance, copays, and subscription models

Pairing mental health services with primary care for better support and improved health

Everside Health patients receive an integrated model that makes treating the whole person a one-stop experience. Their Everside care team collaborates on a personalized plan that considers how mental health coincides with physical well-being—and vice versa. With mental health providers as part of the care team, providers can seamlessly refer, and patients have easy access to schedule appointments.

Complete Care with Mental Health

Access to licensed mental health providers available onsite, by telephone, and virtually, as an integrated member of the Everside care team.

Integrated Mental Health Screenings

Built-in anxiety and depression screenings serve as first-touch solutions that encompass a complete view of the patient—physical and mental.

Community Care Connect 

This platform lists local services that are either free or at reduced cost, including support for addiction, counseling, transportation, legal and financial services, housing and utilities, and more.

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