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Cost Saving Solutions for Schools

Reduce the workload and stress that typically comes with trying to put together competitive benefits packages while staying on budget with Advanced Primary Care and occupational health solutions.

Delivering better health outcomes & driving savings

Complement existing benefits plans and deliver advantages like lower total cost of care and better attraction and retention of highly-qualified faculty and staff.

Advanced Primary Care checks all the boxes — better healthcare options that are affordable, accessible, competitive, and attractive. You want a healthcare partner who can help you offer school and district employees best-in-class care. 

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Personalized, Comprehensive Care You Can Afford

Personalized healthcare ensures care is accessible, convenient, and affordable — for you, faculty and staff, and their covered family members.

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Convenient Access to Primary Care

When care is easy to access, more people will use it, which means they’ll be healthier and more productive. 

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A Focus on Prevention and Wellness

Healthcare shouldn’t be reactive — Advanced Primary Care focuses heavily on prevention and treating the whole person with regular screenings and condition management.

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Population Health Management

Advanced predictive analytics offer powerful insights into your population’s health, so you can make informed decisions that deliver optimal outcomes.

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Reduce Your Total Cost of Care and Stay On Budget

Schools today face a daunting task: Offer healthcare benefits on a limited budget. Those that can’t — or don’t — risk losing experienced staff and faculty who’ll leave to seek higher-paying jobs with better benefits. 

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Talent retention rates are dropping

It’s harder than ever to get teachers and staff to stay in the same job for long – low pay, high stress, and lack of affordable and accessible benefits are culprits. 

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Challenging to attract high quality faculty and staff

If you don’t offer great healthcare benefits, it will be incredibly difficult to find great faculty and staff.

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Long wait times can mean sicker employees

The average wait time for primary and mental health care appointments is now 25 days, so people are waiting longer and getting sicker in the meantime. 

Control the Cost of Healthcare Across Schools and Districts with Advanced Primary Care

Everside Health can address roughly 90% of all healthcare needs, at an affordable price point, so people are healthier and better equipped to do their essential jobs in education. Everside Health’s Complete Care solution is ideal for primary and mental health care needs, condition management, and more. It’s also cost-effective, with a predictable pricing structure that lets you know what the cost of care will be in advance. 

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Value based predictive patient care

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Best-in-class patient engagement

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Low- or no-copays for your employees

How We Deliver Convenient Care for Schools

Proven Performance You Can Rely On

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Getting Started is as Easy As 1-2-3

You’ll receive expert guidance every step of the way, so you're clear on the process and confident in your new healthcare solution.

Award Winning Service

Named #1 Employer Sponsored Healthcare Services Provider by KLAS for 2022 and #1 Worksite Health Service for 2019.

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Free eBook

7 Ways Organizations Can Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

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The constant rise of healthcare costs demands a new benefits strategy while maintaining worker health and satisfaction. We prepared a simple guide that illustrates seven ways your organization can cut the crippling costs of healthcare.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The causes of health plan cost increases
  • Projections of health plan cost increases for organizations
  • Strategies to help you reduce the impact of health-related costs
  • Introduction to the Advanced Primary Care model
  • How to identify a trustworthy Advanced Primary Care partner

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The Traditional Healthcare Benefits Model Is Broken — Are You Ready for Change?

Adopting Everside Health’s Advanced Primary Care and Occupational Health solutions can reduce your organization’s total cost of healthcare and give you the power to offer competitive benefits so you can attract — and retain — a stellar workforce. Learn about game-changing, tech-enabled, predictive patient care that provides optimal results while substantially reducing your costs.