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What Is Advanced Primary Care and How Can It Reduce Healthcare Costs for Schools

August 7th, 2023 | 2 min. read

By Everside Health

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Today’s school districts face increasing pressure to reduce and manage healthcare costs while still being able to provide quality benefits and care for district employees and covered family members. With budgets tightening and benefits shrinking, many districts are turning to Advanced Primary Care (APC) as a solution. APC offers an affordable way to manage healthcare costs and provide actual savings, while improving quality of service or access to care.

APC can help schools save money on healthcare costs and offer additional benefits with potential ROI opportunities. Discover why a new healthcare model for school districts is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Challenges K-12 schools face today

Schools need help to provide satisfactory healthcare solutions. The continuously rising cost of traditional health plans over the last 20 years is financially straining districts nationwide. Research shows that on average, large school districts cover 92% of the cost for teachers’ premiums, causing incredible strain on school budgets. 

Meanwhile, providing plans with more limited coverage leaves people vulnerable if they become ill or injured. This can lead to higher absenteeism rates and increased medical bills down the line – all which further impacts budgets. 

Serious challenges schools face today include:

  • Budgetary issues
  • Unpredictable cost of care year over year
  • A rise in mental health issues
  • Pandemic-exhaustion
  • Competition in the workforce
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining top talent 
  • Finding ways to reduce healthcare costs while still providing quality care 

What is Advanced Primary Care – Can it help?

Advanced Primary Care (APC) is a healthcare model that enhances care and convenience while saving districts significant money for total cost of care.

APC offers more personalized service for employees  than traditional models, including 24/7 access to manage their care, same- and next-day appointments for urgent issues, with little to no copay costs to members,  the potential for virtual visits, and other conveniences. The main differentiator for APC is that it uses a technology-driven approach that creates predictable healthcare costs year over year, resulting in reduced spend compared to the industry’s average increase. And, APC will also ultimately help keep your people healthier, resulting in increased productivity. To remain competitive and fiscally balanced, school districts need help giving their faculty and staff access to top-notch medical care. 

Can Advanced Primary Care help reduce healthcare costs for districts?

In short, yes. With APC, there are no additional fees or hidden charges – just a low, per member per month fee that offers comprehensive primary care. APC covers up to 90% of all the healthcare needs that your population requires. 

How can Advanced Primary Care help schools?

APC is a novel way to provide easily accessible and personalized primary care services that are designed to meet the specific needs of your population. APC provides the options for:

  • Preventive screenings 
  • Annual physicals 
  • Immunizations
  • Same- or next-day appointments for urgent issues
  • Mental health screenings
  • Virtual visits
  • Onsite labs

Implementing an innovative solution like APC can reduce healthcare costs year over year for schools by helping districts:

  • Stabilize and predict healthcare spend to better budget the cost of care
  • Reduce employee time off
  • Manage chronic illnesses more effectively
  • Reduce employee out-of-pocket spend
  • Offer a great benefit, with low to no copays

Advanced Primary Care can be a cost-saving approach to healthcare for districts

Schools today confront many difficulties, from fiscal limitations to an absence of provisions. APC offers a forward-thinking solution that can help address challenging healthcare costs and improve healthcare quality. 

By utilizing the advantages APC offers, schools can find economical solutions that reduce healthcare costs while providing the hard working heroes in education competitive, comprehensive, stellar coverage options. In addition, HR directors and Superintendents can feel confident they’re making educated choices about how to manage healthcare expenses as efficiently as possible. 

Learn more about how Advanced Primary Care can help school districts keep healthcare costs below the national trend while still offering rich, rewarding benefits to faculty and staff.