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TotalRx by Everside Health™

Get a complete medication management solution that improves medication access and health outcomes while addressing medication non-adherence to reduce the cost of care.

Convenient Distribution and Lower Costs Reduce Risk Through a Healthier Workforce.

High Costs and Medication Non-Adherence Can Hurt

The current prescription drug pricing model has little to no transparency, and non-adherence or avoidance are hindering positive health outcomes while driving up the cost of care. People can’t budget for or afford the drugs they need — an estimated 26% of first-time-refills with a copay are abandoned. For those living with a chronic condition, the cost-barrier can be dire.

For companies and organizations, it becomes an even bigger issue as costs continue to rise. 

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The price of new drugs in the U.S. have climbed for more than a decade

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Medication non-adherence is common and costly

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Pharmacy benefits management can be a pain for HR and benefits managers

TotalRx™ Drives Down Costs and Keeps Your Workforce Healthier and Happier

TotalRx™ is a holistic, turn-key medication management solution that focuses on adherence, outcomes, and value when added on to primary care solutions.

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Low- to no-cost prescriptions provide savings for organizations and patients

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Access to higher quality and specialty medications

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A comprehensive medication management solution rooted in our patient-first model that combines cost efficiency with convenience

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What’s Included with TotalRx™
Medication Management Solution?

Take medication management to the next level with direct-to-patient education, access to specialty medications, and advanced analytics that drive cost savings.

Onsite Dispensary

Comprehensive point of care dispensary for easy access to the medications your workforce needs.

Retail Pickup

More than 70,000 pharmacies (and counting) nationwide to ensure access isn’t a barrier.

Home Delivery

Convenient home-delivery, shipped within 24-48 hours.

Virtual Pharmacist Consultation

Onsite education and virtual consulting and counseling with a TotalRx™ clinical pharmacist.

Getting Started is as Easy As 1-2-3

You’ll receive expert guidance every step of the way, so you're clear on the process and confident in your new healthcare solution.

Award Winning Service

Named #1 Employer Sponsored Healthcare Services Provider by KLAS for 2022 and #1 Worksite Health Service for 2019.

Two Time KLAS Award

The Traditional Healthcare Benefits Model Is Broken — Are You Ready for Change? 

Adopting Everside Health’s Advanced Primary Care and Occupational Health solutions can reduce your organization’s total cost of healthcare and give you the power to offer competitive benefits so you can attract and retain a stellar workforce. Learn about game-changing, tech-enabled, predictive patient care that provides optimal results while substantially reducing your costs.