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How Advanced Primary Care Can Save Your Organization Millions

July 28th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Everside Health

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As employers and unions strive to control ever-increasing healthcare costs, they’re turning to Advanced Primary Care. Advanced Primary Care is a solution that can save organizations millions of dollars while offering workers a superior healthcare experience. 

When you consider that the average amount employers pay for healthcare premiums has gone up 20% in the last 5 years and 43% in the last 10, you can’t afford to overlook any of the strategic, innovative approaches to reducing healthcare costs available today.  

In short, Advanced Primary Care is revolutionizing how organizations can offer workers access to care while achieving significant savings in the long term. 

As we explore how Advanced Primary Care can help in reducing healthcare costs, we’ll also address common questions about making the switch – like whether Advanced Primary Care replaces insurance coverage and what the advantages of using this care delivery model are.

Learn how you can implement and embrace Advanced Primary Care – we’re answering the burning question: What is Advanced Primary Care, and can it save your organization millions?

Benefits for Organizations

  • Population health management
  • Risk stratification
  • Advanced analytics
  • Superior reporting that can be turned into actionable insights.
Offering Advanced Primary Care in benefits packages makes organizations competitive enough to attract and retain top talent. 

Benefits for Workers

  • Same and next day appointments for urgent issues
  • Shorter wait time to see a provider
  • More time with a provider
  • Low or no co-pays
  • Virtual access to care

Additionally, Advanced Primary Care gives organizations access to low or no-cost medications that can be dispensed at onsite and nearsite locations (per state law). 

And there’s more. Focusing on preventive care, fostering personalization and long-term relationships with providers, and emphasizing holistic care that promotes mental and physical health are the real game-changers of the Advanced Primary Care model.

What is Advanced Primary Care – and how does the model work?

The Advanced Primary Care model eliminates many overhead costs associated with traditional primary care practices, like billing and insurance processing fees. This means providers have more time to focus on patient-centered care rather than administrative tasks. 

The result is higher quality service at lower prices. And in addition to reducing healthcare costs, patients benefit from extended visits with their providers who have time to discuss concerns or questions about their health in detail. Advanced Primary Care means saying goodbye to the turn and burn, rushed, limited appointment times and impersonal care that’s plagued the healthcare system for decades.

How Advanced Primary Care saves employers and unions money

This all sounds great on paper, right? But how does the model translate to cost savings? Can Advanced Primary Care really help in reducing healthcare costs?  

Yes, it can. Everside Health research shows that most partners experience an average savings of 17% within 3 years and 31% within 5.

Healthier workers are more productive workers. They’re able and willing to work more effectively, tend to take less time off work, and have the tools and access to care they need so they can put their health first. For organizations, this enhanced productivity can translate to increased overall revenue. The Advanced Primary Care model also eliminates the high cost of providing benefits, making them more affordable and offering substantial savings.  

Does Advanced Primary Care replace insurance?

No, Advanced Primary Care does not replace insurance and is not a substitute for insurance policies. It’s an option that contrasts with traditional coverage models.

For example, unlike traditional health insurance plans, Advanced Primary Care doesn’t include coverage for hospitalizations or emergency room visits. These services are usually provided through third-party insurers, Medicare, or Medicaid. 

Advantages of Advanced Primary Care

The Advanced Primary Care model has numerous advantages. It can save organizations millions of dollars annually while improving the quality of care for their workers. There’s more to the model than just reducing healthcare costs, though. Here are the key benefits of using Advanced Primary Care in your organization:

Cost savings

With Advanced Primary Care, there’s little to no copays and no costly premiums or out-of-pocket costs for the beneficiary. As a result, employers and unions, and workers, benefit from significant savings.

Organizations pay a flat fee per member per month, and workers love it because that fee covers the majority of their primary care services so they don’t have to worry about unexpected medical bills, which are often a barrier to accessing care.

Advanced Primary Care is a complete care solution that covers:

  • Office visits
  • Preventive screenings
  • Lab tests and immunizations onsite 
  • Care coordination
  • Virtual care
  • Mental health
  • Chronic condition management
  • Onsite dispensing of medications

Enhanced satisfaction

The Advanced Primary Care model abolishes most of the typical obstacles to attaining medical care, including long wait times, delays at the physician’s office, and limited availability that makes getting appointments difficult. In addition, the approach gives patients more and consistent access to providers who can offer personalized attention and continuity of care, leading to improved outcomes overall.

Workers feel valued when organizations provide quality healthcare options like those offered by Advanced Primary Care. This can:

  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Reduce absenteeism due to illness
  • Improve productivity over time
  • Keep workers healthier because of regular checkups and preventive treatments provided

Timely diagnosis and treatment

Reducing healthcare costs for organizations is just one of the benefits of Advanced Primary Care. It also allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment, leading to fewer complications and lower overall costs associated with treating chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease. Additionally, with timely diagnosis comes earlier intervention, reducing cost-related illnesses, including hospitalizations.

Advanced Primary Care can save your organization

Advanced Primary Care lowers costs, improves health outcomes, and increases worker satisfaction. It can be a solution that helps with reducing healthcare costs and offering workers benefits they will love. You can benefit financially by taking advantage of Advanced Primary Care, saving millions, and keeping your workforce happy. 

Reach out today to learn more about how Everside Health can help your organization enjoy all the benefits of Advanced Primary Care. 



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