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Complete Care with Everside Health – A New Way to Offer Care

Delivering better health outcomes & driving savings

Up to 90% of primary care needs are covered with convenient care via onsite, nearsite, or virtual options.

What is Complete Care by Everside Health?

Everside’s Complete Care model creates a cost-effective approach using personalized, predictive care to slow and reduce your organization’s costs and improve the health of your workforce. 

This model ensures you’re offering the right type of care for your population's unique care needs, focused on enhancing engagement to improve health outcomes, and ultimately deliver ROI. 

Your workers gain access to meaningful and trusted provider-patient relationships.

Everside's Complete Care Model Illustration with patient smiling in the center

4 Steps to Save on Healthcare Costs with Advanced Primary Care

A simplified, transparent process for easy start-up and management

Step 1

Better Provider Experience

Engaging with Everside Health offers a superior, more positive experience — for both the provider and patient. Providers have more time with patients, more opportunities to promote healthy habits, and more support from a team that shares their mission of enabling patients to live their healthiest lives. All of this allows for a more personalized level of care. 

two physicians smiling in hallway
Step 2

Better Patient Experience

Because the Advanced Primary Care experience is preferable to traditional care, people come back. That means more engagement, ensuring ROI for your organization. Your team will have more time with a trusted provider, convenient access via same- and next-day appointments for urgent issues, and a provider who can take care of up to 90% of health needs. 

Physician and patient talking
Step 3

Better Health Outcomes

Frequent, consistent care allows for earlier detection. Data and advanced analytics through industry-best technology and reporting helps identify trends across an organization to make predictive care possible and seamless.

The convenience of Advanced Primary Care means less time off work, improved health outcomes for increased productivity, and low to no cost for your workforce, creating a happier, healthier environment. 

Physician checking a patient with stethoscope
Step 4

Reduced Costs for Clients and Patients

Proactive care management ultimately results in lower total cost of care by as much as 31% by year 5 and significantly improved health outcomes — driving engagement and satisfaction, organization-wide.

Patient checking in at the front desk

The Trusted Partner You Have Been Looking For

Named #1 Employer Sponsored Healthcare Services Provider by KLAS for 2022 and #1 Worksite Health Service for 2019.

Everside Health is a national onsite, nearsite, and virtual Advanced Primary Care and Occupational Health provider that offers employee/organization-sponsored health care. The simple per-member, per-month pricing structure offers predictability to help control the ever-rising cost of care, and a technology-driven approach means you get customized options for your population’s needs.

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Getting Started is as Easy As 1-2-3

You’ll receive expert guidance every step of the way, so you're clear on the process and confident in your new healthcare solution.

The Traditional Healthcare Benefits Model Is Broken — Are You Ready for Change?

Adopting Everside Health’s Advanced Primary Care and Occupational Health solutions can reduce your organization’s total cost of healthcare and give you the power to offer competitive benefits so you can attract and retain a stellar workforce. Learn about game-changing, tech-enabled, predictive patient care that provides optimal results while substantially reducing your costs.