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Cost Saving Solutions for Employers

Advanced Primary Care and occupational health solutions to lower your total healthcare spend by up to 40% with personalized care your employees will love.

Delivering Better Health Outcomes & Driving Savings

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Healthcare Costs Are Rising

The cost of healthcare is rapidly increasing, and you need to lower the total cost of care while still offering best-in-class benefits that can attract and retain highly-qualified talent. Everside Health’s Advanced Primary Care and occupational health models are the affordable, personalized solution you've been looking for.

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The soaring cost of health care

Healthcare costs are expected to rise an estimated and unsustainable 4 - 7% year-over-year.

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Challenges to quality-care access

When health and chronic conditions go unmanaged, long-term care costs will soar.

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Acquiring and retaining top talent

Today’s workforce expects competitive benefit packages with exceptional healthcare options. Without that, it’ll be incredibly difficult to attract and keep the top talent your company needs.  

Control the Cost of Healthcare with Everside’s Complete Care Solution

Advanced Primary Care covers about 90% of healthcare needs with a predictable cost pricing structure and customized outcome-driven care options for enhanced engagement and optimal results. Everside’s Complete Care solution drives down the long-term cost of healthcare for employers with healthier workers resulting in less money spent. 


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Value based predictive patient care

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Best-in-class patient engagement

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Low- or no-copays for your employees

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How We Deliver Convenient Care for Employers

Proven Performance You Can Rely On

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Industry-leading patient satisfaction

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Getting Started is as Easy As 1-2-3

You’ll receive expert guidance every step of the way, so you're clear on the process and confident in your new healthcare solution.

Award Winning Service

Named #1 Employer Sponsored Healthcare Services Provider by KLAS for 2022 and #1 Worksite Health Service for 2019.

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Free eBook

7 Ways Organizations Can Reduce the Cost of Healthcare

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The constant rise of healthcare costs demands a new benefits strategy while maintaining worker health and satisfaction. We prepared a simple guide that illustrates seven ways your organization can cut the crippling costs of healthcare.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The causes of health plan cost increases
  • Projections of health plan cost increases for organizations
  • Strategies to help you reduce the impact of health-related costs
  • Introduction to the Advanced Primary Care model
  • How to identify a trustworthy Advanced Primary Care partner

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The Traditional Healthcare Benefits Model Is Broken — Are You Ready for Change?

Adopting Everside Health’s Advanced Primary Care and occupational health solutions can reduce your organization’s total cost of healthcare and give you the power to offer competitive benefits so you can attract and retain a stellar workforce. Learn about game-changing, tech-enabled, predictive patient care that provides optimal results while substantially reducing your costs.