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What is Advanced Primary Care? Everside Experts Answer Burning Questions from HR

August 7th, 2023 | 5 min. read

By Everside Health

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Advanced Primary Care is an innovative, alternative healthcare model that offers organizations a new way to provide healthcare services for workers. It’s easy to implement the Advanced Primary Care model across your organization quickly and cost-effectively – but before investing, it’s critical to fully understand the concept of this model, along with the potential benefits and downsides. 

Explore the key components of Advanced Primary Care – from the fundamentals to the costs to the benefits and risks of – with insights from Everside Health experts.  

What is Advanced Primary Care?

Advanced Primary Care is a healthcare delivery model that offers comprehensive, personalized, data-driven care to improve health outcomes for workers and lower the total cost of care for organizations. 

Everside Health’s Advanced Primary Care model is based on a simple principle: when people have easy access to primary care, in an environment that fosters a trusting patient-provider relationship, health improves and organizations will save. 

Our tech-enabled predictive patient care uses advanced analytics and data to create a care plan that uniquely addresses the population needs of a specific group while ultimately driving down total cost. 

Unlike the traditional patient-provider relationship that’s found in fee-for-service medicine – which often involves long wait times for care and little time with a provider – Advanced Primary Care offers direct access to primary care providers, with longer appointment times, extended office hours, and virtual visits…all at little- to no-cost for employees.  

How does the Advanced Primary Care model work?

At its core, Advanced Primary Care focuses on preventive medicine rather than reactive treatment. By promoting long-term relationships between patients and providers, and through the use of industry-best predictive analytics, Advanced Primary Care can identify and address health concerns before they become costly.

Advanced Primary Care can cover up to 90% of all medical needs, resulting in reduced cost of care over time and fewer pricey treatments in the future, while enhancing patient outcomes overall. A huge part of the Advanced Primary Care difference is that it’s a tech-driven model, driving care through Everside Health’s proprietary enhanced technology that offers deep data for population health management, making predictive patient care possible.

Through a patient-focused and technology-driven approach, Advanced Primary Care offers personalized care opportunities that meet the exact needs of your organization and workers. Integrating primary care and the right types of specialized care – like mental healthcare, for example – can be an all-inclusive solution so workers have access to convenient, low- or no-cost in-person and virtual care from a clinical care team who all work together on treatment.

Will Advanced Primary Care save my organization money? Is the ROI real?

Advanced Primary Care helps organizations save money with predictable pricing through a per-member per-month fee structure. Using industry gold standard Milliman’s Health Cost Guidelines, Everside Health partners can see a 17% gross savings by year 3 and 31% savings by year 5.

What are the benefits for workers?

Advanced Primary Care offers multiple advantages for your workforce too, including improved health results, reduced medical costs, and easier access to high-quality healthcare. Other benefits include same-day or next-day appointments, deeper relationships with providers for continuity of care, little to no wait times, and little to no out-of-pocket costs. 

The results speak for themselves:

  • 82% of patients report better/improved health
  • 96% of patients trust their provider
  • 73% of patients feel they spend more time with their provider2

How does Advanced Primary Care improve employee health and outcomes?

Improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs are associated with preventive primary care services. Studies suggest that people who undergo regular preventive screenings tend to have better overall health than those who don’t. 

What if my employees and workers already have a doctor?

That’s great – they don’t have to switch doctors. Having access to an Advanced Primary Care benefit simply enhances care by providing additional resources, like: 

  • 24/7 access via virtual care visits 
  • Same- and next-day appointments for urgent cases
  • Personalized attention from providers
  • Fewer visits to urgent care clinics and ERs  
  • Low or no copays for patients

Many of our partners offer financial incentives for using the service, making it even more attractive for their workforce. Most find that eventually, almost everyone tends to move to their Advanced Primary Care provider for all their primary care needs.

Why do we need Advanced Primary Care? We already have health insurance

A crucial factor to understand about Advanced Primary Care is that it isn’t a replacement for health insurance. 

The high copays associated with more traditional healthcare models can deter some people from taking advantage of essential preventive services, like vaccinations or annual checkups. The Advanced Primary Care model reduces this barrier by ensuring little to no copays for primary care visits.  This means there are less financial worries that may keep people from getting the care they need – saving both time and money on the need for more advanced care in the future. 

Does Advanced Primary Care replace our current health insurance?

No, Advanced Primary Care doesn’t replace current health insurance. Instead, consider it a healthcare benefit add-on. Advanced Primary Care provides easy access to primary care services, like preventive care, chronic disease management, acute illness visits, mental healthcare, and more, without the cost and access barriers traditional health insurance can have – all at little to no cost to the patients.

How does Everside help implement and roll out Advanced Primary Care across organizations?

Everside will help your organization quickly and easily implement a comprehensive Advanced Primary Care program. Our extensive experience lets us provide tailored solutions for every client’s unique population needs. 

What are the downsides to Advanced Primary Care?

A primary concern about adopting Advanced Primary Care is the cost. Depending on the size of your organization and how many workers you have, it’s true the initial cost of implementing Advanced Primary Care can be an investment. 

But the long-term ROI typically far outweighs the cost of offering Advanced Primary Care. In fact, some Everside clients have cut the cost of healthcare by a whopping 40% after partnering with us. After implementing Advanced Primary Care, the total cost of care typically reduces year over year, and a predictable pricing structure helps you stay on budget.  

With customized care teams that address workers’ exact needs, onsite or nearsite health clinics and centers, and virtual care options that make access to care easier than ever, simply put, the cost of Advanced Primary Care is well worth it. Your organization can see significant cost savings as the years go on, and your workforce will be healthier and happier, too. Just ask the 79% of patients who say their health has improved since their company started offering Advanced Primary Care.

Explaining the cost of Advanced Primary Care

Employees or workers, and their covered dependents, can enjoy the advantages of comprehensive primary care services at a reduced rate compared to out-of-pocket expenses. This includes:

  • Preventive care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Mental health screenings & care
  • Vaccines, testing & labs
  • Acute & urgent care
  • Nutrition & wellness support

Most of our employees don’t live near the office. How will they benefit from Advanced Primary Care?

It’s normal to be concerned about the value of offering Advanced Primary Care to anyone who doesn’t live near the office. After all, if they can’t get to a primary care provider, what benefit does the model offer? Even those who live far from the office can still receive quality healthcare without traveling long distances by taking advantage of virtual care services. 

What if our employees or workers don’t use it?

At first, most people wonder what happens if people don’t use Advanced Primary Care – but one of the biggest benefits of Advanced Primary Care with Everside is the informative – and uniquely comprehensive – data and analytics you’ll have access to that will help you make informed decisions about what your workforce needs, so they’re more likely to use the benefits.  

We’re proud of the best-in-class engagement Everside Advanced Primary Care offers. You’ll know where engagement is strongest and also have access to powerful predictive data that highlights additional areas of care that might be beneficial to your workforce. You’ll see value from your investment and where and how engagement is optimal. 

Can you guarantee the ROI on our investment?

When investing in healthcare services for your organization or team, of course you’ll wonder if there’s a guaranteed profit. Most Everside Health partners see a return on investment within as little as 3 to 5 years.

How does offering Advanced Primary Care to my workforce help improve their health and productivity?

Offering Advanced Primary Care dramatically improves health and productivity. Advanced Primary Care means direct access to primary care physicians, resulting in more personalized treatment plans that are tailored to individual needs for enhanced health outcomes. It also means less time off work, which translates to higher productivity. The Advanced Primary Care model reduces wait times, boosts accuracy in diagnosis and treatment, and improves overall quality of life.

Advanced Primary Care might be the solution you’ve been seeking

It’s been repeatedly demonstrated that Advanced Primary Care can bring about better health results for employees and workers and lessen total costs for employers and organizations. With Everside’s help, implementing this model of care across your organization will be easy and efficient – so why not take advantage of it?  

Contact us today to learn how to take control of your healthcare costs with Everside Health’s Advanced Primary Care services. We provide comprehensive, personalized healthcare services to employers, at an affordable price. 


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