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How Offering Virtual Care Packages for Employees Can Improve Retention

January 23rd, 2024 | 3 min. read

By Everside Health

physician smiling on a virtual call on a tablet device

Today’s top employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to know their employer cares about them enough to offer benefits packages that address mental and physical health needs in powerful ways. 

Virtual care packages for employees have revolutionized workplace wellness. They’re redefining how retention strategies can attract and retain top talent. In short, virtual care has become a crucial component for companies seeking effective ways to remain competitive by building a robust and loyal workforce. 

We get that deciding to make a switch when it comes to the benefits you offer can be daunting. You’re understandably concerned about healthcare spending and your budget. But when virtual care is an added benefit, it can improve employee retention, and with the right partner, you can expect other benefits, too. Virtual care can effectively enhance loyalty, increase productivity, and reduce turnover – all while keeping your total cost of care down.

Virtual care explained

Virtual care is a healthcare model that allows employees to access medical help from wherever they are – without needing to get to a physical doctor’s office. Using secure technology like video calls, texting, and apps, this form of care started gaining traction during the COVID-19 pandemic (even though it’s really been around for decades). 

Virtual care eliminates some barriers to the more traditional care model – like travel time to doctors, difficulty getting appointments, and long wait times or. Virtual care packages for employees can make health care convenient, affordable, and accessible.

Why virtual care is minimum in today's workplace climate

In the modern workplace environment, the expectation of offering workers access to health care is a given. Virtual care has become an increasingly important component of the healthcare landscape, primarily due to convenience. With the emphasis of work-life balance becoming more status quo in companies big and small, offering flexibility in how people seek medical attention is a logical next step.

The beauty of virtual care is its accessibility – it makes medical care available anytime, anywhere, for anyone. For example, it’s perfect for remote employees who can’t visit a preferred provider or center for in-person appointments. 

Virtual care is beneficial for more than just employees, though. Research shows it can be anywhere from 5 to 15 times more efficient than the traditional experience of in-person care, effectively lowering the total cost of care, enhancing satisfaction, and improving health outcomes. 

These perks are a win-win for employers, who’ll enjoy happier, healthier employees who are more productive and want to stay with a company.

Benefits packages show how a company cares

Competitive and comprehensive benefits packages show an employer’s willingness to invest in their people’s health – and it’s no secret that employees want to feel valued. When they do, they’re less likely to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. 

Studies suggest that salary and benefits are the number 1 drivers of retention – globally, 62% of workers agree these 2 factors top the list of the 5 most common reasons to choose an employer. 

Ultimately, offering convenience and accessibility via virtual care means people are more likely to stay with a company.  

How to be competitive with your benefit offerings

Regardless of your industry, offering an enticing benefits package can be the differentiator you need to attract and keep the best talent around. 

To create competitive benefits packages, you should strategically select and integrate the perks that are best aligned with your workforce’s needs. 

Benefits most-valued by employees include:

  • Virtual care
  • Flexible schedules
  • Wellness programs
  • Professional development opportunities 
  • Mental wellness days

Advanced Primary Care and CareAnywhere™ from Everside Health 

Advanced Primary Care is an enhanced care model that can take a typical benefits package to the next level. By offering affordable and convenient comprehensive care at onsite or nearsite centers, your workforce will have better access to care that covers up to 90% of primary care needs, ensuring they’re healthy and happy. 

Enhancing your benefits package with Everside Health’s added-on CareAnywhere™ extends the reach to employees who aren’t physically close enough to access your Everside Health centers. This dual approach to access means your employees can get the medical attention they need, regardless of where they’re located. 

CareAnywhere™, when added on to Advanced Primary Care from Everside Health, offers additional benefits beyond just basic virtual access:

  • Virtual consultations to diagnose most conditions remotely
  • Routine follow-up appointments that make it easy to stay on track with treatment plans
  • A dedicated provider team 
  • Regular wellness reviews 
  • Chronic condition counseling
  • Care coordination with experts

CareAnywhere™ – virtual care packages for employees to meet everyone’s need 

Your people are your most valuable resource, and their welfare must be your top priority. Enhancing Advanced Primary Care with virtual care can complete a stellar benefits package that shows how much you appreciate the people who choose to be a part of your organization.  


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