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Reduce Your Costs & Improve Health Outcomes

Offer your team personalized, affordable Advanced Primary Care and Occupational Health solutions

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We’ve joined forces to enable millions of people to live their healthiest lives, one patient at a time.


Your Trusted Partner in Better Health

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Predictable Costs

A value-based care approach with a flat per-member, per-month fee.

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Flexible Care Delivery Options

Onsite, nearsite, and virtual care options. 

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Tech-Enabled Predictive Care

Data-driven approach  to deliver the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

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Customized Care Plans

Best in-class clinical outreach and advanced technology to drive engagement.

You Need a Trusted Partner

The simple fact is the cost of healthcare will continue to rise by 4-7% year-over-year. You need to control costs and still be able to offer attractive benefits. Offering Advanced Primary Care with Everside Health lets you give workers and their covered family members rich healthcare benefits so you can:

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Control your healthcare costs

Save up to 17% by year 3 and 31% by year 5

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Improve health outcomes

By allowing better access and treating the whole person, you’ll see improved health outcomes

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Acquire and retain your talent

Offering quality, cost-effective benefit packages is becoming increasingly difficult, and is key to attracting and retaining talent

Complete Care Built Around the Patient

Everside Health is one of the nation’s largest providers of Advanced Primary Care including mental and occupational health solutions - improving outcomes with tech-enabled predictive care, reducing costs, and providing holistic, customized solutions, in person and virtually, for workers, and their families.

Everside covers up to 90% of your workers’ healthcare needs. When included in their benefits package, your workers will feel valued when they realize they have easy access to the healthcare services they need - all in one place.

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Getting Started is as Easy As 1-2-3

You’ll receive expert guidance every step of the way, so you're clear on the process and confident in your new healthcare solution.

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Free eBook

7 Ways Organizations Can Reduce the Cost of Healthcare 

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The constant rise of healthcare costs demands a new benefits strategy while maintaining worker health and satisfaction. We prepared a simple guide that illustrates seven ways your organization can cut the crippling costs of healthcare.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The causes of health plan cost increases
  • Projections of health plan cost increases for organizations
  • Cost saving strategies to help you reduce the impact of health-related costs
  • Introduction to the Advanced Primary Care model
  • How to identify a trustworthy Advanced Primary Care provider

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The Traditional Healthcare Benefits Model Is Broken — Are You Ready for Change? 

Offer your workers a new benefit they’ll love.

  • More time with a personal provider.
  • Better access to care — in-person and virtually.
  • And save you — and your workers — money.