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Everside Health’s Commitment to the UN Global Compact 

November 4th, 2022 | 2 min. read

By Everside Health

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We are a company guided by our values, connected and working towards our mission of helping our patients live their healthiest lives. The pursuit of this extends beyond our patients; we are deeply invested in the overall health of our clients, teammates, and communities in which we live, work, and play.  

At Everside, fostering health means we are engaged and having a positive impact in the communities that we serve as well as in our world. This is why I have formally committed to the UN’s Global Compact, an international initiative that holds CEOs and their teams accountable to corporate sustainability principles. Within the UN’s Ten Principles, we have applied our focus to: 

  1. Diversity & Inclusion - We seek and embrace diversity and work proactively to foster an equitable work environment for all. We are an inclusive community where every teammate can bring their whole self to work.  

  1. Health Equity - We will address persistent and pervasive health care inequities using research, data, and best practices to impact social determinants of health and other root causes of health equity. 

  1. Environmental Sustainability - We strive to minimize our environmental impact through the development of sustainable processes, reducing waste, recycling, and increasing teammate awareness and education. 

The work has already begun to promote these guiding principles, including: 

  • Social Determinants of Health Support – This program highlights local resources that are available to our patients, including assistance with housing, food, transportation, counseling and financial services, and more. This service is accessible to all patients at no cost and ensures that their care doesn’t stop when they leave our health centers.  
  • D&I Council - This group meets monthly to brainstorm and execute proactive initiatives and to help plan for unexpected issues that may arise in the D&I area. Council members will rotate in their roles on an annual basis, so we continue to gather as many different perspectives as possible. 
  • Everside Speakers’ Series - Thought-provoking discussions around such topics as race disparity and transgender healthcare based on personal experiences. 

  • TREX Recycling Challenge - This year, we have already ensured 685 pounds of plastic have been properly recycled, exceeding our goal of 500 pounds.  
  • Reducing Paper Use - We launched an initiative to reduce the amount of paper being used at more than 375 health centers and two corporate offices, in Denver, CO and Charlotte, NC. 
  • Sustainability Reporting - We are currently establishing sustainability reporting through GRI guidelines that will track and reduce the waste created both by Everside’s healthcare services and its downstream (client) and upstream (vendor) partners. 

As a healthcare provider, our teams realize we have a tremendous impact on the communities we serve. As such, we take our commitment to these principles very seriously. We look forward to sharing the impact of our efforts and pledge to do so every year as a part of this commitment with the UN.  

-Chris Miller