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2023: A Look Back From CEO, Chris Miller

December 29th, 2023 | 4 min. read

By Everside Health

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At the end of each year, I like to take time to reflect on our team’s accomplishments. It’s always remarkable how our teammates consistently find new ways to push best-in-class care forward – and 2023 was no exception. As always, our collective achievements are the result of the dedication, hard work, and passion of all our teammates. And behind these achievements are the core values that fuel us.  

When we created Everside Health, we spent months debating what core values best reflect our organization. I’m grateful for those efforts as I see them shine every day in our work and in our results. They motivate us and keep us aligned - and forthright - in our efforts.  

This year, as I looked back on all we have accomplished, I found myself returning to our values time and time again. In that spirit, I’d like to share with all of you what I’m most proud of and how these successes always bring us back to our roots.  


Patients First - Our commitment to putting patient care above all else has been the cornerstone of our work. One of the best ways for us to measure our patients’ satisfaction with our care is through our Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, which asks our patients how likely they are to recommend our service.  

In healthcare, the industry average is around 58, which is...not good. Everside’s NPS has always been in the 80s – a number we’re extremely proud of, but one we are always looking to improve. This year, we achieved an impressive patient score of 88.1. I am extremely proud of this as it reflects the immense trust our patients place in us every day, their top-quality experience, and the outstanding care they receive from our providers.  

When we provide exceptional care, we also get exceptional results. Whether it was increased screening efforts that led to earlier diagnoses, coordinated outreach programs to increase utilization, or targeted wellness plans that reduced health complications associated with chronic conditions, our team supported their patients in achieving health outcomes that made long-term differences.  

In addition to this, I’m incredibly proud of achieving HI-TRUST certification. While all healthcare companies must comply with HIPAA security standards, which is a crucial baseline for protecting patient health information, HITRUST raises the bar even further. The HITRUST certification represents our on-going commitment to patient safety, trust, and protection. 


Courage – It takes courage to embrace change, adapt quickly, and focus on a long-term goal that doesn’t always offer immediate results. At Everside, we provide best-in-class, personalized, accessible care reaching more working Americans and their families - in-person and virtually - every day. While our work is challenging and the growth is at times formidable, the impact we can have on people’s lives gives us the courage to do what we do. Over the course of 2023, Everside has: 

  • Opened 26 new health centers 
  • Added 25 new clients to existing health centers 
  • Partnered with 70 new clients 
  • Increased patient visits by 5.6% 
  • Reached a client NPS score of 83 
  • Saved tens of millions of dollars for our clients in unnecessary referral costs 

The numbers make it look simple, but the courage and commitment it takes to make improvements like this is staggering. I’m proud of how our team has continued to grow our reach, enabling more and more people to live their healthiest lives.  


Ingenuity -  Embracing ingenuity is a part of Everside’s origin story. When we realized just how broken traditional health care was, and how few alternatives existed, we knew we had to think creatively to solve the problem of unaffordable and inaccessible care. Enter Everside, and our Advanced Primary Care model. The drive to innovate and better serve Americans has been built into our brains and hearts ever since.  

Our partnership with the California Ironworkers stands out as one of the best examples of our team embracing ingenuity. Over the course of six months, we brought on this new client (our largest, no less), onboarded 32 new teammates, and opened 14 new health centers. I can’t overstate how much work and creative thinking took place to make that happen. Our teammates never shied away from the challenge, and in fact, many volunteered to take it head on. Since our first health center opened with the Ironworkers, we’ve seen an impressive patient NPS of 96, demonstrating the phenomenal care the Ironworkers members are experiencing. Seeing these health centers open, and flourish, has been an absolute highlight of my year. 


Community - Our strength lies in the communities we serve. Together, we've forged deeper connections, supported each other and our communities, and extended our reach to foster healthier and more inclusive environments. A few personal highlights from the year include: 

  • 100% teammates participation in new Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging training, along with a new DIB leadership training course with focuses on cultural competence, mitigating bias, fostering belonging, and more. 
  • Raised over $20k for food and toy drives for under-served communities 
  • Collected over 500 pounds of plastic film, the equivalent of over 40,000 plastic bags 
  • Honored 21 teammates with our quarterly Trifecta and Core Value Awards, making sure to celebrate these special individuals who add so much to our community. 
  • Launched a Step Challenge for our teammates to encourage movement and wellness, so we make sure we practice what we preach! 250 teammates walked more than 300,000 miles over the course of September, taking (literal) steps to a healthier version of themselves.  
  • Planted over 1,000 trees in honor of work anniversaries, which will absorb more than 48,000 pounds of CO2 every year  

Fun -  A fun environment has always motivated and inspired us to do our best work. As a distributed workforce, the more we can foster fun, the more our teammates can and do feel connected to one another, despite the distance. This year, we hosted multiple spirit weeks, a teammate appreciate week with free swag gifted to all our teammates, and had a multi-month-long campaign which encouraged our teammates to get out and enjoy the outdoors. We also hosted in-office parties and in-center costume contests.  

Ensuring that fun is a part of our work is critical to keeping our teammates happy and fulfilled, and is something I, and the rest of our leadership team, will continue to prioritize.  

Wow. What a year! I am so proud, impressed, and inspired by my teammates who made all this, and more, possible. I hope everyone is able to get some much-needed rest and rejuvenation over the holidays, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish next year. I know there is only more (and better!) to come!