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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Everside Health questions, answered

What is Everside Health?

Why is my organization offering this benefit?

Who is eligible to use Everside's service?

What's different about Everside compared to my current primary care provider?

Does choosing the Everside option increase my healthcare costs?

What makes Everside doctors different?

Can I use Everside but still keep my primary care provider (PCP)?

What happens if I experience an urgent health issue after hours or if I'm away from home?

How's Everside different from an urgent care clinic?

What if I already have a pediatrician for my child that I like?

Does Everside make it easier for me to manage medication refills and dosage changes?

Should I wait until I'm sick to establish care with my Everside doctor?

How do I become an Everside Health patient?

I live in Washington State are there any specific things I need to know?