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Chris Miller and Mike Michetti's National Tour

March 6th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Everside Health

everside health logo on a green wall

While we have yet to break Ticketmaster, our CEO Chris Miller and COO Mike Michetti are hot on T Swift’s heels with their own 2023 nationwide tour.  

Last month, Mike and Chris spent a week touring around our health centers in Florida, specifically Lake County, Polk County School Districts, and the City of Lakeland. We sat down with them to learn more about these visits and why they’re so important to our leadership team.  

Why is it important to visit our health centers? 

Mike: Our health centers, and the teammates who work there, are the backbone of our organization. There’s no better way for us, as leaders, to understand our team’s contributions, challenges, and opportunities than to be on the ground with them. These visits allow us to connect with one another, celebrate our successes, understand our challenges, and provide support to improve our patient and our teammates' experiences. 

Chris: I couldn’t agree more. It’s also a way for us to foster deeper connections with our clients. Visiting their campuses, meeting their teammates, and discussing their needs helps us learn how we can better serve them. Every client, and every patient, is different and the care we provide needs to not just meet those needs but exceed them. 

Mike Michetti, Linda King, and Chris Miller in front of building

Mike Michetti, COO, Linda King, Senior Director at Polk County Schools, and Chris Miller, CEO 

You both highlight how important it is to connect with our teammates across the country. Can you share what you learned from the teammates you met while in Florida? 

Chris: First, I have to reiterate how great it felt to be on the road again, seeing our teammates face-to-face. COVID-19 really impacted our ability to visit health centers for a while, so traveling to various health centers again has felt quite special.  

I always learn so much during these visits, and our time in Florida was no exception. I think one of the comments that stood out to me the most was how committed our teammates are to the future of Everside, their role in our strategy going forward, and how we, as an executive team, can keep them informed of this.  

Mike: I was so impressed with the caliber of teammates we met on the road. These are people who are 100% committed to our mission, vision, and values and are proud of the work they do every day. As they should be! The standard of care our teammates provide is inspiring to see. In my conversations, I heard a hunger for even more ways to improve the lives of our patients, which was incredibly inspiring to hear.  

Aside from spending time with teammates, you also spent time with our clients. Can you tell us a bit more about what those conversations were like? 

Chris: I mentioned this earlier, but I think what makes Everside unique is our ability to adapt to the unique needs of our clients and their patient population. In talking with our clients, we heard about how important this flexibility is, and learned a lot about how we can get even better at custom experiences. I’m a big believer in continuous improvement, so hearing directly from our clients about the needs they have, and the opportunity we have to meet those needs, is always incredibly motivating to me. 

Mike: As a relatively new member of the team, it was inspiring to hear how the quality of care we’re providing is changing the lives of our clients’ employees. Our partners notice and appreciate the dedication of our care teams and deeply value our partnership. Those parts of our conversations were heartwarming. As Chris said, we also got a lot of great feedback from our clients. There’s nothing better than seeing someone face-to-face and learning about how we can better serve them. I left Florida feeling so proud of our teammates and energized about the work we have ahead of us.  

Any particularly inspiring or interesting stories you can share from your visits? 

Mike: Our Polk County Public Schools facility is in the middle of an expansion (almost doubling its footprint) due to the strong demand for more services. Our teams were incredibly proud of their work providing a full range of services, including wellness, MSK, PT, and behavioral health. We had the pleasure of meeting with our partner at Polk County Public Schools, Linda King, who is an exceptional person to work with. It was great to hear directly from Linda about how Everside is a key to attracting, retaining, and caring for her educators and the other employees of Polk County Schools. 

Thanks to Chris and Mike for sharing their thoughts and learnings from a week on the road. Their tour continues to make stops across the country, with recent visits to Colorado and Wisconsin, and Las Vegas and Illinois coming up next.  

Stay tuned for more updates from the road!