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A look back at 2022- Reflections from our CEO, Chris Miller

December 21st, 2022 | 2 min. read

By Everside Health

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It’s hard to believe 2022 is quickly coming to a close. It has been yet another amazing, and demanding year, as our team continues to challenge the broken fee-for-service model of healthcare. Instead of patient quotas and costly referrals, we believe that real health care means affordable costs, convenient access, more time with your doctor, and advanced technology that supports our patients. This type of health care – Everside’s type of health care – is making a real impact, both for patients and organizations, and we are excited to take the momentum of 2022 into 2023. I’m excited to share, and celebrate, some of the great successes and progress that our team has made over the last twelve months.  

We started off the year by winning the Best in KLAS award for Employer Sponsored Healthcare Services Provider. This award is particularly meaningful as it is validated by customer experiences with over 100 employers. 

Spring was all about tackling the real needs of our patients. We launched TotalRx, saving employers’ and patients’ time and money on their prescriptions, all while making medication management easier and more accessible. We expanded our mental health services, allowing those we serve easier access to mental healthcare providers both in-person and virtually. We increased our capacity for virtual care so that patients in all 50 states could talk to one of our providers. 

Our summer was highlighted by a $164 million fundraising round, with investors such as NEA, Oak HC/FT, Alta Partners, and Endeavor Catalyst. This is a truly momentous occasion that affirms our investors continued conviction in our integrated, value-based approach to direct primary care and is a strong endorsement of our work to date, and our ambitions to serve millions more Americans. This funding enables us to further expand our services, advance our technology, including our predictive patient care algorithm, and sustainably fuel our growth. 

All year, we provided exceptional care with our team of 1,500, who continue to fuel our mission of enabling our patients to live their healthiest lives. 2022 saw us expand that mission further as we now serve over 1.6M eligible lives and we opened 38 new health centers, including 3 more centers in New Jersey, bringing the total number of our health centers in this area to 13. On top of that, we expanded the services provided in existing health centers to 40 additional clients. I’m immensely proud of this growth as well as fulfilling our core value of putting ‘Patients First.’ 

I feel so fortunate that this year brought us a number of accomplishments that are testaments to our team, our mission, and the care we provide.  

Now, as I think towards 2023 and what will foster another year of progress for Everside, our patients, and our clients, I find myself returning to the fundamentals of what I believe healthcare should be and how we provide that to more and more people.  

So, what are the fundamentals of healthcare? Well, I believe healthcare should be affordable, accessible, and convenient. It should be transparent, easy to understand, and focused on outcomes.  And how do we actually do that? Our approach to healthcare means our patients have access to phenomenal providers at low-to-no cost, either at their workplace, close to it, or via our virtual care providers. 

In the future, that means we expand our care to include more services, grow and enhance our virtual care offerings, and continue to invest heavily in advanced technology that supports predictive care.  

Everside’s vision is to build the most trusted, accessible, and personalized healthcare experience alongside our patients and clients. With this as our guiding light, I feel we are extremely well-positioned to make this vision our reality as we head into the new year.  

Thank you to our patients, all of whom trust us each day with their most precious asset, their health. And thank you to our teammates, partners, clients, and investors, who make our mission and vision possible. Together, we’re changing the face of healthcare and I’m honored to be on this journey with you.  

I wish everyone a holiday season filled with love, joy, warmth, and health. And don’t forget to get some rest! 2023 is waiting and we have some exciting work to do.