A Smarter Approach to Healthcare

A patient-centered, technology-enabled healthcare solution that ensures your costs are consistent—and lower

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You can offer more than direct primary care. When you partner with Everside Health to provide advanced primary care, your people get a radically different healthcare experience that gives them access to the easy, personal and thorough healthcare they need to get healthy and stay healthy. That means no costs for them – and lower costs for you.

What You Can Expect from Everside Health

We’re technology-driven and care obsessed. That means our end goal is to simplify healthcare, making it easier for you and your people. Here’s how we do it:

We Listen

We use advanced data, tools and technology to understand your needs and actively identify and engage with your highest risk people. This approach allows us to improve patient health and save you more.

We Customize

We make healthcare convenient with strategically placed, inviting health centers near your location(s), 24/7 access to providers and complete virtual care. Plus, we offer advanced digital tools that help your team better manage their health

We Deliver

We do the heavy lifting and you enjoy the savings. Here are the steps we take when you engage with us:

  1. Analyzing your population data
  2. Uncovering your needs
  3. Identifying and building your health center locations
  4. Customizing your services
  5. Hiring your provider team
  6. Launching your health center and providing communications

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Everside Health Recipient of 2022 Best in KLAS Employer Sponsored Healthcare Services Award

Everside Health is proud to be recognized as a “Best in KLAS Employer Sponsored Healthcare Services” recipient for 2022. Through hundreds of validations from employers, providers, and patients, this award recognizes Everside as a premier onsite healthcare vendor and our commitment to providing the highest quality care for our nationwide members.

Who We Serve

We currently have 380+ health centers in 34 states—and we’re adding more all the time. Our partners include:

  • Private Employers
  • Unions
  • Municipalities
  • School Districts
  • State Governments
  • Benefits Trusts
  • Health Plans
  • Health Systems
  • And More
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Real Success Stories

Learn how Everside Health has helped organizations and unions reduce healthcare costs and improve their people’s wellbeing.

Visit our Resource Library for additional case studies, testimonials, webinars, white papers and more.

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