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Unions represent the backbone of America’s workers; keeping them healthy is core to Everside Health’s mission and vision.

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Activate by Everside Health

Our dedicated union division, Activate by Everside Health, has worked longer and with more unions than anyone else in the industry, providing their members and families with easy access to crucial primary and specialized care services through our direct primary care model. Our division-specific advisory board is composed of some of the country’s most influential union leaders, ensuring our services fit the needs of our working members and their families.

Serving 35+ Unions, representing more than 150,000 members and their families

17% gross savings average by year 3

and 31% savings by year 5

81% of members reporting improved health

60% average engagement rate among eligible union members 

Reduce Costs for Good

“Five years into our Activate by Everside relationship, we couldn’t be more thrilled. When you look at the bottom line, Local 440’s plan has saved over $11 million in the last five years.”

Don Bough, Business Manager, Local 440

Activate by Everside Success Story: Local 440

Serve Your Members, Better

Activate by Everside closely partners with unions to provide in person onsite, near-site, and virtual direct primary care. Our customized care teams provide complete care, including key occupational and mental health services to help keep union members healthier. Our robust data architecture and analytics produce valuable feedback that ensures we’re engaging with patients successfully: improving health outcomes, avoiding traumatic health events, and reducing healthcare costs. Here’s why:

Better Access

Because they don’t need coinsurance (although they can have it) and often don’t have co-pays, our patients visit us early and often, helping them (and you) avoid costly health emergencies

More Engagement

Our clients see high (80-90%) participation in our benefit program.

Motivated Providers

Our providers are motivated by the right incentives: patient experience, health outcomes and engagement.

Complete Care

More than 75% of healthcare costs are caused by chronic conditions, like Diabetes. When we manage these conditions, you see your costs drop.

Healthier Workers

79% of our patients say their health has improved as a result of Everside Health.

Higher Productivity

We manage referrals, reduce waste, give you access to data and help you easily deploy advanced healthcare strategies.

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