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The Best Employee Benefit You’re Missing Out On

August 9th, 2021 | 1 min. read

By Kristy Esch

Healthcare benefits can be the key to happy and healthy employees, and to attracting new hires. The majority of employees (80%) and employers (70%) surveyed by Marathon Health cite healthcare coverage as the most important benefit offered by their organization. The current state of healthcare is in desperate need of change, and employers can be well-positioned to lead the charge.

As part of our recent webinar, The #1 Employee Benefit You’re Missing Out On, host Shelly Towns, CMO of Marathon Health, spoke about how employers can make an impact on the overall health of their employee population and save money for their organization. Towns spoke with Jeff Wells, CEO and co-founder of Marathon Health; Brandy Caldwell, MPAS, PA-C, Regional Clinical Leader for Marathon Health; and patient Steve, a first responder in central Kentucky, to get their firsthand perspective.

During the webinar, 83% of participants who took our poll said they consider their employee benefits a competitive feature to attract talent in their industry. By choosing to implement employer-sponsored healthcare — whether onsite, shared, virtual, or a combination of all three — employers help their team overcome one of the biggest obstacles in healthcare, access.

In addition to access, spending more time developing trusted patient-provider relationships result in better healthcare, improved outcomes and ultimately lower costs. Caldwell previously practiced in a traditional healthcare setting where it was common for her to have an average of 35 patients a day and 15 minutes allocated for each – sometimes being double or triple booked. She didn’t have the time to focus on building relationships with patients.

Now, through an employer-sponsored healthcare model, Caldwell can focus on the patient. Longer appointment times, averaging 32 minutes, allow for deeper patient-provider connections to not only address immediate needs, but to explore issues to identify, improve and sustain healthier behaviors. Caldwell’s partnership with first responder member, Steve, was the catalyst he needed to turn his health around.

The discussion included information on the benefits of trusted provider relationships, various employer-sponsored health solutions, and true value-based care where risk is shared and performance impacts payment.

Hear Steve’s inspiring story and learn how realigning provider incentives shift the healthcare paradigm for better outcomes and lower costs.

Ready to deploy the #1 benefit for employees? Watch our video to learn more.

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