Expand Access with Virtual Care

CareAnywhere - Virtual care by Everside Health

A scalable solution to improve access to meaningful healthcare

  • 80% of the country lacks adequate healthcare access
  • Research shows that economic stability, education quality, and social and community context can drive as much as 80% of health outcomes—the social determinants of health
  • Non-traditional work schedules, lack of access to transportation, and fears surrounding COVID-19 often cause patients to delay or neglect routine care

CareAnywhere™ adds convenience, access, and care continuity

Our CareAnywhere™ model serves to broaden the reach of personalized, affordable health care across your workforce. Including CareAnywhere™ in your Everside partnership means a dedicated virtual care team for those members 3 years and older (limited services for children between ages 3 and 18) who are too far away from our brick-and-mortar health centers.

Their care includes unique clinical quality measures and visit types and a clinical scope of services based on standard-of-care guidelines. In addition, we utilize registered nurse care-led navigation—instead of traditional medical assistants—to meet the complexities of virtual-only care.

Members ages 3 years and older who face obstacles to in-person healthcare—whether through geographic remoteness or limited transportation—can access CareAnywhere™ on any personal device, including:

  • Primary care services—establishing care, sick or episodic visits, chronic condition counseling, lifestyle and behavioral coaching, mental health screenings, medication refills—including home delivery—and referrals to local providers
  • Care continuity—a dedicated virtual care team means that patients meet with the same provider every time—through live video, phone appointments, or provider messaging
  • Tested security—Everside’s care infrastructure is both HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified, meaning sensitive patient info and communications are secure, no matter the channel or appointment type

The CareAnywhere™ solution is ideal for clients who:

  • Already have an onsite or near-site health center for a majority of employees
  • Have a subset of employees who are more than 25 miles away from an Everside health center, without access to high quality in-person care
  • Want to offer equal benefits to employees, regardless of geographic location

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