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Take medication consulting & counseling further. Help your employees & members get more out of their prescriptions than just medication.

Get more with TotalRx™

You, and your employees and members deserve more — more transparency, more convenience, more solutions that support better outcomes instead of creating barriers. Introducing TotalRx™ by Everside Health, a more complete formulary for your workforce that delivers total-package results, including direct-to-patient education, access to specialty medications, and advanced analytics that highlight cost savings. With TotalRx™, we’re leading the worksite health industry and delivering better outcomes across the board.

A more complete offering

We don’t do off-the-shelf solutions. TotalRx™ addresses the unique needs of our clients and patients, with room to scale for the future.

Prioritizing people

TotalRx™ is rooted in our holistic, patient-first model. Our pharmacists act as patient champions to ensure adherence and that the best medication plans are in place.

Fewer financial and health risks

It’s about thriving, reducing employer risk, and empowering patients to live healthier lives. Because healthier employees support a healthier bot

Why isn’t traditional Rx management working?

  • High costs
    Costs are steadily increasing for both employers and patients. Driven by specialty Rx increasing 11.1%, Rx spend rose 7.4% in 2021 among large employers (>500).¹ 22% of patients were non-adherent due to unaffordable Rx costs.
  • Inconvenient
    Reliance on patient pickup and lack of patient education contribute to 30% of all medication prescribed going unfilled or never picked up.²
  • Overmedication
    Incidence of polypharmacy⁴, with 5 or more medications being prescribed, has tripled in the last 20 years, which can result in poor compliance and increases in adverse reactions.
  • Medication avoidance
    50% of patients are non-adherent.³ This directly impacts employer risk and patient health, increasing the chance of hospitalization.

The TotalRx™ opportunity

Cost savings

Higher quality medications at lower costs translates to significant savings for clients and patients.

Convenient distribution

Onsite dispensing, retail, and home delivery makes it easy for patients to get their prescriptions when and where they need them.

Personalized Rx management

Virtual consultations with a pharmacist can help to ensure the most effective medications are being prescribed and taken.

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