Tech-driven healthcare, better outcomes

Innovative digital experience for our patients, clients, and providers that improves health outcomes and delivers cost savings

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We believe that patient care should be empowered by data, and we have invested heavily in an innovative, scalable, and secure technology platform, Everside 360TM. This foundation begins by aggregating patient data from multiple sources and leveraging predictive analytics to present gaps in care to our care teams. These health tasks are then delivered to the fingertips of our members through our proprietary mobile application, Everside EverywhereTM, calling them to act on their personal health needs. Finally, the aggregated data is presented through Everside InsightsTM, an on-demand analytics tool to give clients real-time access to our results.

Access for patients

Everside Everywhere, our user-friendly mobile app, promotes engagement and self-management of health conditions.

Transparent for clients

Our Everside Insights dashboard provides on-demand insights and transparency into performance metrics.

Proactive for providers

Our Population Health engine provides actionable insights and predictive analytics from aggregated data.

Everside EverywhereTM 

Care where you need it, and when you need it

We provide a seamless digital experience to our patients. We built Everside EverywhereTM, a proprietary digital health application designed to promote member engagement and self-management of health.  Our patients can schedule in-person and virtual visits, message providers, access records, and request prescription refills through this user-friendly portal and mobile application.

Everside InsightsTM

Analytics at the fingertips of our clients

We provide transparency on our results to our clients. Everside InsightsTM, an on-demand, performance metrics dashboard, allows our clients to have real-time insights into the performance of their Everside health centers, including a broad range of population health, patient engagement, clinical quality, and financial ROI metrics.

Our Population Health Strategy

Actionable insights and predictive analytics for our care teams

We engage in an advanced population health strategy. We aggregate health utilization data on our patients from a variety of sources. We apply a targeted, scientific approach to risk stratification and segmentation of our populations to understand our patients’ past, present and future healthcare utilization and spend. Our advantage is our ability to provide this actionable data through real-time tools, accessible at point-of-care at both the patient and population level. The timely identification and resolution of gaps and care opportunities improves health outcomes for our patients, and cost outcomes for our clients.

Proprietary Rules Engine

We provide actionable insights to our care teams, driving operational efficiency, improved clinical outcomes, and reduced cost of care. Using a 360-degree view of the patient’s healthcare journey, we deliver predictive analytics, which is used to deliver preventive care, for proactive outreach and patient self-management.

Clinical Quality Measures

We provide personalized health checklists – informed by each member’s clinical data and utilization – to our care teams at the point of care. These quality-of-care alerts are based on the NCQA HEDIS guidelines, ensuring a standard of care across all health centers.

Population Health Analytics

Our providers have access to a range of analytical tools to effectively manage the health of their patients. These tools include biometrics, risk stratification, clinical quality measures, referral trends, medication adherence and more.