Direct Primary Care: A Solution to the Primary Care Crisis

Direct Primary Care solution to crisisMany of the problems in the U.S. health system—fragmented care, variable quality, and rapidly rising costs—find their source in fee-for-service payments, where providers are paid per visit, test, or procedure. It creates a perverse incentive for providers and healthcare systems to recommend unnecessary and expensive care without coordination, leading to increased costs for both patients and organizations.  

The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated these issues. And while it highlighted the fragility of our primary care system, it has also demonstrated the promise of a viable alternative – direct primary care. 

Direct primary care can: 

  1. Reduce costs for patients and organizations through a preventive model that avoids downstream costs and traumatic health events
  2. Improve outcomes with better compliance and robust service offerings
  3. Support patients with a more focused and personalized care experience
  4. Support providers with smaller patient panels, less admin time, and better access to meaningful patient data

Download this whitepaper to learn about: 

  • The primary care crisis our country is facing
  • What direct primary care is, and what makes it different
  • The benefits of direct primary care for patents and organizations

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