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Deloitte Podcast: Checking Up on the Consumer Healthcare Revolution

July 1st, 2021 | 0 min. read

By Kristy Esch

The global pandemic thrust technology to the forefront and pushed healthcare providers and consumers to evolve whether they were ready or not. Digital innovators’ ability to improve healthcare is highly dependent on the providers, but also on the patients’ willingness to receive care in this different way.

In this episode of the Deloitte podcast, That Makes Cents, host Bobby Stephens, a leader in Deloitte Digital’s Retail & Consumer Products practice, talks with Jeff Wells, MD, CEO and co-founder of Marathon Health, about the latest trends around modernizing healthcare, virtual care and changing consumer attitudes towards their wellness journeys. Stephens and Wells, also joined by Leslie Read, leader of Deloitte’s Health Plans Customer Transformation Solutions, discuss recent events resulting in the rapid adaption of technology.

Listen to this episode of That Makes Cents to hear about changing expectations for healthcare.