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Rhonda Regains Confidence Thanks to Caring Providers

August 21st, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Marathon Health

I decided to have a cholesterol test run through the Tyson Bright Blue Health Center, powered by Marathon Health. I have also had depression for years, and with my depression I did not want to leave the house or be around anyone.

After we got my test results back, Nurse Practitioner Kelley Burg from the center put me on new medications for my cholesterol and listened to my concerns about my depression. Both Kelley and Laura Lancaster, a Licensed Practical Nurse at the center, treated me like a human being and not just a number. Because of that, I now do follow up appointments with them to discuss any changes in my health.

With the guidance of Kelley, I feel my health is finally on the right track. With my depression under control, I do a lot of things that I wouldn’t do before, and I have more confidence in myself.

My advice to others? You can get your life on the right track. Kelley and Laura at the Bright Blue Health Center are awesome people and very understanding. They treat you like family, and I feel so comfortable telling them the issues I have. With Marathon Health, you are not a number, you are a person. — Rhonda Dunn, Marathon Health Member

With Marathon Health, you are not a number, you are a person.