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Health Center Relieves Karen’s Allergy Symptoms for Better Breathing

November 22nd, 2021 | 1 min. read

By Marathon Health

I knew I was allergic to something, I just didn’t know what was triggering my asthma-like symptoms. The fatigue, headaches and trouble breathing affected my work and home life. I tried treating the symptoms with over-the-counter allergy medications, but it didn’t help.

I can access the PriorityOne Health Center at no cost through my employee benefits at Shawnee Mission School District in Kansas, so I made an appointment with Dr. Shalaunda Gray.

Dr. Gray suggested allergy testing, but I told her I had never had the type of health insurance that covered such tests. She told me we could do it on the spot with a simple blood test. I was thrilled.

The results revealed I am allergic to outdoor mold. Dr. Gray prescribed Singulair, which controls my asthma-like symptoms.

I used to do a lot of the yardwork, but I now leave that up to my husband. Thanks to my treatment, I can still do light gardening and flower arranging without worry. I try to stay inside on days the mold count is high.

This is how healthcare should be. Your caregiver can give you the treatment you need on the spot. You can walk out of the center, same day, with the prescription you need.

I have more confidence knowing I have some control over my allergy issues. — Member Karen Swope

This is how healthcare should be. You can walk out of the center, same day, with the prescription you need.