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Melia Uses Work Health Benefit to Lose Weight and Lower A1C

November 22nd, 2021 | 1 min. read

By Marathon Health

Diabetes was affecting my vision and making me feel tired most of the day. My increased weight was contributing to the diabetes, and it was also causing sleep apnea and lower back problems.

I took advantage of my work health benefits and visited the Escambia County School District Center for Health and Wellness offered by Marathon Health, where I met with Dr. Raina Alexander, medical director and health coach, and Esther Kim, a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and health coach.

After reviewing the results of my bloodwork, Dr. Alexander made recommendations about my diet, such as eating fewer fried foods, reviewing food labels to focus on carbohydrates and fiber, cooking more meals at home, and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. She also encouraged me to add exercise into my schedule, and to use a CPAP machine while sleeping.

I meet virtually with Dr. Alexander once a month. She’s always very attentive and encourages me to progress toward a healthier lifestyle. Now, I’m on a steady track upward toward a healthier me. I’ve lost 34 pounds, my A1c has decreased, and I’m no longer insulin-dependent. I’m able to move around better and I’m not as tired, and I find cooking for my family much more enjoyable than takeout.

I would encourage my colleagues to visit the clinic, get bloodwork done, and be honest with their doctors about exercise and eating habits. This health improvement has changed my life, and I owe it all to the information and support I got from Dr. Alexander and LPN Esther Kim. — Member Melia Adams

I’ve lost 34 pounds, my A1c has decreased, and I’m no longer insulin-dependent.