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LaShaunda Loses Weight, Lowers A1c

April 1st, 2022 | 1 min. read

By Marathon Health

My annual biometric screening showed my A1c level in the pre-diabetic range. I didn’t want to develop diabetes, or become a long-term diabetic, so I took advantage of Marathon Health benefits offered through my employer, Mecklenburg County, and made an appointment at the Marathon Health Network at Northlake healthcare facility.

I met Family Nurse Practitioner Sabrina McCluskey, who helped me understand the cause of my elevated A1c level. I joined a weight loss program and scheduled follow-up visits for routine blood work to monitor my progress.

By understanding food, and how the body transforms some foods into sugar, I was able to lose 30 pounds and lower my A1c. Sabrina empowered me to make realistic health changes and praised my efforts.

Improving my health gave me the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only has my physical appearance changed, but I’m more agile, have more energy and I’m not out of breath all the time.

I would encourage everyone to get blood work done so they can understand their overall health status. The staff at Marathon Health are great. They are pleasant, and take the time to listen and have a conversation. In fact, I started getting my annual physical at Marathon Health instead of at my primary care provider.

At Marathon, I don’t feel like another number. I feel like a normal person with important needs. My Marathon Health practitioner cares about me and my overall well-being. — Member LaShaunda Abili

My A1c levels have dropped and I lost 30 pounds. I continue to make my health a priority.