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Joanna Regains Confidence in Healthcare

April 12th, 2021 | 1 min. read

By Marathon Health

I can honestly say Sharon Reddish, a care providerat the BPSEmployeeWell-Care Center, changed my life. When I first visited Sharon, I broke down in tears and told her I felt my health condition was hijacking my life. She listened carefully and offered a plan of action, starting with lab work.

The trouble had begun a few years prior when I wasdiagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure. Thiswasdiscoveredduring a biometric screening event hosted by Marathon Healthas part of my Brevard Public Schools Health Plan.

Following this revelation, I worked with my primary care provider to try and get my blood pressure under control. The thing was, every time I’d visit, he’d start me on a new medication that would invariably not work.

The severe side effects of each medicationcausedunexpected symptomsandmade me feel extremely lethargic and light-headed. After several expensive copays and no health improvements, I decided to visit theBPS Employee Well-Care Centerinstead.

The lab work initiated by Sharonrevealed elevated liver counts, so she recommended I stop taking the blood pressure medicationprescribed by my primary care physician.Within a month, I felt noticeably better and my follow-up blood work indicated nearly normal levels.

Today, my health has taken a complete 180 and my confidence in healthcare has been restored. I now know I have a trusted health centerwitha concerned,knowledgeable health care team, and I make use ofit regularly. The entireMarathon Healthteamshows unfailingcompassion, and I am forever grateful.