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Jerry Received the Right Tests at the Right Time

September 29th, 2020 | 1 min. read

By Marathon Health

During my annual physical at the Kwik Trip Center for Health in Middleton, Martine Banda-Wolk, FNP, discovered I was experiencing irregular heartbeats. She contacted my primary care physician immediately and I underwent a stress test and electrocardiogram. Thanks to Martine’s recommendation, I also began weight counseling to lower the amount of stress affecting my heart.

A week following my initial visit, the Kwik Trip Center for Health was offering free skin cancer screenings, which is where I found out that I had a small basal cancer cell. I was able to have an immediate procedure to remove the cancerous cell right at the health center.

I am forever grateful to Marathon Health for not only identifying these issues, but for also helping me get through them. They were so enthusiastic in informing me of the affordable services they offer, counseling me, and referring me to other specialty doctors. It’s hard to think about what might have happened had I not learned about my heart issues when I did.

My Marathon Health providers were always positive and helped me understand my healthcare options along the way. They frequently asked me how I was, showing me they cared about both my physical and mental health.

Today, thanks to all the information provided by Marathon Health, I am eating better, looking at food labels, and sleeping better. I am also continuing to learn about my heart issues and am working toward losing 30 pounds. Now, I always feel empowered to ask questions related to my health.