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Elizabeth Walks Again Thanks to Quality Care from Physical Therapists

August 21st, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Marathon Health

In May of 2022 I had a left total knee replacement. The surgery was done by a very well-known surgeon and went perfectly. I was sent to the hospital’s physical therapy center, but during my seven weeks of physical therapy, I didn’t receive quality care.

At my six-week checkup, my surgeon was very concerned my progress was so far behind. The surgeon said he was worried I would never walk “normal” again.

I called the Marathon Health Union Trades Medical Center in Brooklyn, Ohio, which partners with my husband’s union IBEW Local 38. I immediately felt like I was in better hands.

After my first week at Marathon Health, I realized all of the things the hospital physical therapy center was never doing. They never actually touched my leg and showed very little compassion. I couldn’t even lift my own leg.

After just three appointments at Marathon Health, I was able to use my quad muscle and lift my leg. I was beyond thrilled.

The mental stress major surgery like this puts on a person is something that I could have ever anticipated. Physical Therapists Dave Schordock and Jon Strychasz worked with me on not only the physical but mental aspect, too. They really took care of me.

I was excited to go to my three-month check in with my surgeon to show him my progress. The minute he saw me walk and bend my knee, he stood up and hugged me. He was astonished with my progress. I could not have done this without Dave and Jon.

They also encouraged me to join a local fitness center where I am exercising regularly and getting water therapy for my new knee. They continue to push me and we exceed every goal weekly. Their knowledge and expertise in this field is above and beyond. I am so grateful. — Elizabeth Bringman, Marathon Health Member

After just three appointments at Marathon, I was able to use my quad muscle and lift my leg. I was beyond thrilled.