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Cody Improves Mental and Physical Health

April 12th, 2021 | 1 min. read

By Marathon Health

I had several issues with my mental and physical health. They were obvious, and I knew none of them were good for me.

Depression and anxiety were getting the best of me. I had sleep issues, irritability, constant headaches, and felt like I’d lost purpose. Being overweight was also taking a toll on my physical health. Overall, I felt extremely tired and unmotivated.

Things turned around after a free comprehensive health review at Sage Health and Wellness Center, powered by Marathon Health. Eric Becker, PA, evaluated my health and helped me make the changes I needed in my daily life.

Eric recommended a great medicine to help with my depression and anxiety. Ever since I started taking it, I’ve been amazed by the results. I am me again! He also coaches me toward the weight loss goals we set, and it has gone great so far. I’ve lost about 20 pounds in a two-month period — better than I expected!

I feel much better. My mental health has improved greatly, along with my physical health. I feel so much more alert than before, and a lot of my previous problems are gone. I’m very active now and eat a lot better.

For anyone who wants to make needed life changes, but hasn’t done so yet, don’t put it off. If your mind and body tell you there’s something wrong, there probably is a problem.