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Adam Used Health Coaching to Lose Over 50 Pounds

January 28th, 2019 | 2 min. read

By Marathon Health

Adam Finn of Indianapolis says he struggled with obesity for most of his adult life. Several unsuccessful attempts at weight loss over the years left him feeling jaded, so he never imaged a routine medical appointment with Marathon Health would be the catalyst for significant change.

Adam first visited the Marathon Health MyClinic @ Woodland in August of 2018 for a medication consultation. The clinic provides onsite primary care and wellness services for Genesys employees in Indianapolis.

During his consultation, Adam saw Tish Lynch, a physician assistant at Marathon Health. Tish performed routine lab work that revealed he had high blood sugar and elevated levels of fat in his liver, also referred to as fatty liver disease.

Tish warned Adam that if left untreated, fatty liver disease can cause serious damage to the liver. It was a stark wake-up call, to say the least.

Adam says Tish then suggested he meet with Debbie Richardson, a certified health coach with Marathon Health.

“I was a little skeptical at first because I’ve been on a weight rollercoaster for probably 15 years and I’ve been on huge swings,” he says. “I didn’t know that a health coach would be able to tell me anything I didn’t already know. I figured ‘Hey, it’s here, it’s a resource so I’ll give it a shot.’”

Getting Back on Track

Adam began meeting regularly with Debbie to chart a healthy path forward, which involved improving his diet and getting more exercise. Rather than taking drastic steps and cutting out entire food groups, Adam says they took a more practical approach and focused on moderation.

“I haven’t eliminated anything from my diet,” he says. “Now, I’m really focused on portions. Debbie has helped me realize and helped hold me accountable that if I want some cookies, I’ll just have two.”

Adam says being held accountable to someone outside of his close circle of friends and family played a major role in his success.

“In the back of my mind, I want to perform well and show results,” he says. “So, that’s just an intrinsic factor that keeps me going.”

While he needed help getting his diet under control, Adam says Tish’s warning was all the motivation he needed to start moving.

“I’ve been on a complete tear,” he says. “I haven’t missed a day of exercise in 80 days, whether it’s walking, elliptical, running, or weight lifting. It’s just been a huge change.”

Within five months of starting health coaching with Marathon Health, Adam says he’s shed an impressive 50 pounds, his liver is healthy and his blood sugar has dropped to a normal level. More importantly, he feels like he has a new outlook on life.

“What’s different this time about any other weight loss I’ve gone through is the confidence I’ve gained through my interactions, and I’ve realized I don’t need to be so negative on myself,” he says. “What’s happened in the past has happened. I can’t change that.”

Adam says he’s confident he’ll continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and is excited about the future. Ultimately, he’s grateful to have Debbie and the clinic staff located onsite at Genesys.

“Everybody has been super friendly,” he says. “It’s been an excellent experience and I would recommend it to anybody.”

“What’s different this time about any other weight loss I’ve gone through is the confidence I’ve gained through my interactions, and I’ve realized I don’t need to be so negative on myself.”

Adam Finn