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We’re a different kind of healthcare company and we know you may have some questions for us about what that means. Here are some of the top questions we’re asked. If you have others, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Everside Health is a national leader in direct primary care, offering onsite, near-site, and virtual primary care to employers, unions, and other organizations. We operate patient-centered health centers where patients can get 90% of the medical services they need from an experienced doctor at little to no cost. Everside doctors are dedicated to your healthcare and are easy to reach at convenient locations near your home or work, as well as virtually (by phone or video). Our care teams strive to provide a personal level of care and are available around the clock by phone for urgent health matters.

Employees, employers, union funds, union members and insurance companies have seen significant healthcare cost increases each year; we’re on a mission to fix the broken healthcare delivery model that causes them. With Everside Health, you gain an additional choice to address the cost and quality of the healthcare you receive. Your access to Everside gives you high-quality, low- or no-cost primary care through your Everside doctor.

Typically, all those covered by your employer or organization’s insurance plan are eligible for Everside services. Please check with your HR department or healthcare fund for details specific to your organization.

As an Everside patient, you have 24/7 access to your care team for urgent needs. You can receive a scope of virtual and in-person services that includes everything from routine checkups and urgent needs to chronic condition management, mental health screenings, wellness counseling, and more. Additionally, your Everside doctor has more time during your appointment to listen to your specific concerns, goals, and needs and can help support healthy lifestyle changes that make sense to you.

No, it should do just the opposite. A visit to an Everside doctor can save you an expensive trip to the emergency room or urgent care, and most visits are at little to no cost. There’s also no charge for phone, secure messaging, or other remote interactions with your provider. There are some tests and procedures that are billed to your primary insurance at rates that are usually much lower than with other doctors. Services that aren’t covered by your Everside membership may still be covered by your employer’s insurance plan.

Everside doctors see 70% fewer patients than a typical primary care doctor, allowing them to spend more time with you when you need it, start appointments on time, and provide you with flexible appointment availability. They also believe in caring for the whole person — physical health, mental health, exercise, and nutrition — that’s affordable and accessible for all.

We recommend that you make your Everside doctor your first point of contact for any health concerns. They provide a personalized level of service and can also help you manage your overall care. So, instead of waiting to see a specialist to receive care, you can take advantage of the variety of services offered at your health center and through virtual care. We recommend that — immediately after getting started — you schedule your welcome appointment so your doctor can get to know you, your health history and concerns, and answer any questions you may have.

Your Everside health center has an after hours call center that is available 24/7 in addition to the Everside app. This means that you can call the health center anytime to reach your care team and explain your health issue. They’ll work with you on what to do for your situation, whether it’s addressing your concern virtually, scheduling an appointment for the next business day, or directing you to the most appropriate local care setting.

Your Everside health center is not an urgent care or walk-in clinic, though we provide many services that can help avoid an urgent care visit. Scheduling your appointment for same-day or next-day urgent needs allows you to get in at your preferred time. You won’t experience the long wait times that are common at walk-in clinics. You can also choose to schedule a virtual appointment with a trusted doctor from the comfort of your own home.

At Everside Health, we love kids! Our experienced family medicine doctors are happy to serve as your children’s pediatrician, or if you have an established pediatrician, we can offer an additional option for your kids’ healthcare needs. Typically, it takes less time to get an appointment at your Everside health center than it does at a pediatrician’s office. Also, your Everside team is available 24/7 for pediatric urgent needs or questions. Please check with your health center to learn more about pediatric services offered.

Yes, your Everside doctor can help to manage your refills and dosage changes. Simply call your health center for more information. Certain refills can be handled remotely by phone or online, without the need for an in-person office visit.

Everside is always here for you if you’re ill or injured, even if you’re a new patient. However, we recommend scheduling your first appointment before you get sick. Doing so allows us to get to know you, your medical history, and your health priorities. Plus, Everside employs screening protocols that may catch a health issue early on before it becomes urgent or chronic.

Everside Health services are available to those whose employer or union sponsors access as part of a benefits package. Check to see if your organization offers Everside Health. Or, if you’d like to sign up for an individual retail membership, please call member services team at 866.808.6005.

WA residents comprehensive disclosure statement: Individuals are encouraged to obtain and maintain insurance for services not provided by Everside Health.  Everside Health will not bill an insurance carrier for services covered under this agreement. The Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner may be contacted at:, via email at, or Toll Free: 800-562-6900.

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