Compliance Commitment

At Everside Health®, we believe in putting our patients first, and to do that we must be compliant in all manner of our operations. Compliance is a core component of our service offering; it means being a trusted health care provider and business partner in the communities we serve. 

Everside Health has developed an effective compliance program to guide and educate our teammates on applicable requirements and standards. All who work for Everside Health – at all levels – are expected to follow our compliance program, which includes abiding by Everside Health’s code of conduct, policies and procedures, and all applicable statutes, regulations, and guidance. Our code of conduct PDF can be found here.

This compliance program was developed in alignment with our mission of achieving the best possible patient outcomes.  We understand that compliance is critical to our continued success and the fulfillment of our corporate mission. We emphasize ethics and integrity as essential aspects of the work of every teammate. Everside Health’s robust compliance program ensures that team members can both understand all pertinent laws and policies and comprehend how those laws apply to them in their respective roles.

Key components of our compliance program include annual and new-hire compliance training, regular updates of policies and procedures, and compliance reporting. At every level, Everside Health promotes an organizational tone that encourages ethical conduct, a reporting culture, and buy-in from teammates regarding compliance with applicable statutes, regulations, and guidance in all internal and external dealings.

Compliance Reporting

Everside Health provides a reporting hotline for teammates and contractors to report known or suspected compliance concerns or violations. The hotline is sourced through an independent vendor. Anonymously reporting is permissible, and Everside Health has a non-retaliation policy for individuals making reports.

Toll Free: 1-844-280-0005

Non-Discrimination, Accessibility And Language Assistance

Everside Health does not discriminate nor exclude people nor treat patients differently on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, ethnicity, religion, culture/creed, language, physical or mental disability, socioeconomic status, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.  Everside Health makes reasonable modifications to policies, practices, and procedures to provide equal access to facilities and services to people with disabilities. We make communication, in all forms, easy to understand and provide free language access services. Everside Health works to ensure physical accessibility for persons with a mobility or physical disability and provides access and support for sensory (vision or hearing), intellectual, psychiatric, or other mental disability. 

Notice of Non-Discrimination and Language Services

HIPAA Compliance

As a health care provider, Everside Health is required to protect the privacy of our patients and their personal health information under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  HIPAA mandates the privacy and security of all personal health information. Everside Health’s HIPAA Security Program is designed to effectively protect the security of patient information and our electronic information systems. 

Access the Everside Health’s Notice of Privacy Practices here

Protected Health Information (PHI) Requests

If you are a patient or attorney and would like to request PHI, please download and complete an Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information form and return it to your treating practice or to

Compliance Officer

To reach our designated Compliance Officer and Privacy Officer, please reach out to