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McConnell & Associates is pleased to offer Everside Health services to all eligible employees and their families enrolled in the Base or Buy Up insurance plans - saving you time and money! All services are free under the McConnel Buy Up plan (a $40 flat fee applies to non-preventive services under the Base plan). You can continue to see other providers in the McConnell Insurance Plan network, while also using Everside Health services. Everside Health offers comprehensive primary and specialized care services for everything from routine check-ups and urgent needs to chronic condition management and mental health. You can access care when you need it, with both virtual (via phone or video) and in-person appointments, same or next-day scheduling and 24/7 access to a provider for urgent needs.

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With same-day or next-day appointments near you (or online), you’ll spend less time waiting and more time with your care team. And you can reach them 24/7.

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We cover your entire healthcare journey, from routine care to chronic condition management to urgent care and more.

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    Your Questions, Answered.

    What is Everside Health? Everside Health is a provider of primary care services that is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. It operates patient-centered medical care for its members. Patients can get most of the medical services they need from an experienced provider. McConnell and Associates employees and dependents enrolled in the Buy-Up Health Insurance plan can use all Everside Health services at no cost.  McConnell and Associates employees and dependents enrolled in the Base Health Insurance plan are able to use several Everside Health Services at no cost, however, due to IRS regulations some services will incur a low $40 charge that will be credited to your deductible. Everside Health providers are dedicated to serving an employer?s population, are given more time with their patients, and are highly accessible. You can have a virtual (via phone or video) or in-person appointment at convenient clinic locations around St. Louis. The providers are held accountable for delivering great care and service and are available around the clock via cell phone for urgent health matters. Everside Health providers deliver care for a broad scope of services, including everything from routine check-ups and sick visits to urgent needs and chronic condition management. You can view a full list of services here . How are you different from an Urgent Care Clinic? As a primary care doctors? office, we don?t have the long wait times that you may experience when going to a walk-in clinic. Scheduling your appointment for same or next day urgent needs allows you to get in at your scheduled appointment time instead of waiting behind the people in front of you. Who is eligible to sign up for Everside Health? All employees and their dependents who are enrolled in a McConnell and Associates Health Insurance Plan are eligible for Everside Health services.   Does choosing the Everside Health option increase my healthcare costs? No, it should do just the opposite. McConnell and Associates employees and dependents enrolled in the Buy-Up Health Insurance plan can use all Everside Health services at no cost.  McConnell and Associates employees and dependents enrolled in the Base Health Insurance plan are able to use several Everside Health Services at no cost, however, due to IRS regulations some services will incur a low $40 charge that will be credited to your deductible. This fee does not apply for preventive care, wellness visits, health and wellness coaching, or chronic condition management. There is no charge under either plan for any phone, video, or messaging communications with your Everside Health provider.  What is different about Everside Health compared to my current primary care provider? Everside Health provides primary care services for you and your family but is not just another primary care provider. As a Everside Health patient, you get access to your doctor via phone 24/7 for urgent needs. For urgent after-hours needs, simply call the clinic and choose the option on the voicemail which will allows you to have your call directly and securely routed to your provider. Everside Health providers offer a scope of services that is broader than a typical primary care practice, so you?ll be able to receive more of your care provided through the Everside Health clinic. You?ll also get help and assistance in navigating the healthcare system when you need specialist services or care that cannot be provided at the Everside Health clinic. How experienced are Everside Health providers? Everside Health providers are dedicated, board-certified or board-eligible, usually with many years of experience in medical practice. Our providers have 70 percent fewer patients than a typical primary care provider, allowing them to spend more time with you when you need it, start appointments on time and provide you with appointment availability in the timeframe that meets the urgency of your health issue.   I already have a long-standing PCP, why would I change? Everside Health is a benefit provided to you by McConnell & Associates, as part of their health insurance plans. If you choose to use Everside Health, we recommend that your Everside Health provider become your first point of contact. This means that rather than going directly to your specialist to receive care, you take advantage of the many convenient access points to your Everside Health provider. As such, we highly recommend that you schedule your first ?Welcome? appointment?including a comprehensive physical?so you can experience the difference for yourself. Then take some time to see if this health benefit works for you. Participation with Everside Health is not mandatory, and you still have access to any of the contracted PCP and specialty providers within McConnell and Associates Health Insurance Networks. What if I have a pediatrician for my children I already like? Everside Health providers are fully trained in pediatrics and can be another option for your children?s healthcare. Typically, it takes less time to get an appointment at the Everside Health clinic than it does in a pediatrician?s office. Also, your Everside Health providers (not just an answering service) are personally available 24/7 via cell phone for urgent needs, including nights and weekends. I take a lot of medications. How does Everside Health help make it easier for me to manage refills and changes in dosages? At many of its clinics, Everside Health dispenses approximately 50 commonly prescribed medications, including medications for chronic conditions. This means that you can walk out of your appointment with most of the medications you need for treatment in-hand. There is no cost to you for any medications dispensed at the clinic. Additionally, many refill requests and many dosage adjustments can be handled remotely with your provider and called in to your pharmacy of choice without the need for an in-person office visit. Why is McConnell & Associates offering me this benefit? Employees, employers and insurance companies have been seeing significant healthcare cost increases each year. McConnell & Associates is offering an additional choice to address the cost and quality of the healthcare you receive through their partnership with Everside Health. Through this program, you will receive high-quality, low- or no-cost primary care through your Everside Health provider. Ultimately, this innovative approach to primary care is designed to help you be healthier and to lower your overall healthcare costs. Why should I make an appointment now if I?m not sick currently? Why not just wait until I am sick? Injuries and illnesses happen on weekends and evenings when most physician practices are closed. That is usually the time you most need access to a trusted medical professional. With Everside Health, you?ll be able to contact your provider directly via phone. However, it is important to first build a relationship with your care provider. You will want your provider to know you, your medical history and your health concerns long before you get sick. Plus, Everside Health employs screening protocols that may catch a health issue that can be treated, preventing something from becoming an urgent situation. Is Everside Health available to my dependents? Yes. You and any dependents covered under your McConnell and Associates Health Insurance Plan will get the same 24/7 provider access for urgent needs and patient-first care from Everside Health. All of Everside Health?s providers are Family Practice certified and trained in pediatric care. (Participating with Everside Health is open to you all year round and you do not have to register only during open enrollment. Spouses and children can also register independently from you, the primary insured - whenever they need to. Can I visit any Everside Health location? Am I only allowed to see my selected provider? Your selected Everside Health provider will be your primary point of contact and the medical professional overseeing your care. However, you may make an appointment at any of our Everside Health offices and choose to see another provider as needed - your medical record is secured and available in any of our locations. You may also email or call your physician with questions or for consultation. You and your provider will choose the option that is most appropriate for the situation.

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