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Dear Associate, I am pleased to announce that we have an Everside Health and Wellness Clinic open here at our facility to provide comprehensive primary care medical and wellness services. The Everside Health and Wellness Clinic provides significantly greater benefits for all associates and family members covered by the GECOM Corp. health plan. Primary care health services and a limited variety of prescription drugs will be available at no cost. There are several important benefits to this program: • The Everside Health and Wellness Clinic staffs a full-time primary care physician and a full-time physician assistant – so you and your family have the option of making this health center your primary care medical home for as many visits as you need at no cost. • Doctor visits, lab work, and generic medications are all available at NO cost to associates. • Flexible hours available for you and your dependents. • Incentives for you and your spouse when you complete a Health Risk Assessment and Biometric screening with the Everside Health and Wellness Clinic. • If you should need services outside what can be provided by the Everside Health and Wellness Clinic, the clinic staff will help by providing referrals for care and treatment which would be covered under the Anthem coverage plan. Complete confidentiality is required by law. The Everside Health and Wellness Center will share no non-occupational medical information of any kind about patients with GECOM Human Resources or management. Your personal wellness is so important for you and your family. I’m confident the Everside Health and Wellness Clinic will enhance the lives of GECOM Corp. plan participants and their families. I encourage you to take full advantage of the primary care services that are available to you at no cost as well as the related incentives. To your health! Sincerely, Satoshi Tanaka

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