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The City of Puyallup is pleased to offer Everside Health to employees and eligible dependents.

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    Your Questions, Answered.

    What is Everside Health? Everside Health is a provider of primary care services that is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. It operates patient-centered medical homes where patients can get most of the medical services they need from an experienced physician, usually at little to no cost to the patient. Everside Health physicians are dedicated to serving an employer?s population, are highly accessible at convenient locations and are held accountable for delivering great care and service. These physicians provide a personal level of service and are available around the clock via cell phone for urgent health matters. How do I sign up? Enroll online in minutes. Visit to create your online account and get started. Or, contact Everside Health Member Services at 1-866-808-6005 or Why is City of Puyallup offering Everside Health? Employees, employers and insurance companies have been seeing significant healthcare cost increases each year. City of Puyallup is offering an additional choice to address the cost and quality of the healthcare low- or no-cost primary care through your Everside Health physician.* Ultimately, this innovative approach to primary care is designed to help you be healthier and to lower your overall healthcare costs. Who is eligible to sign up for Everside Health? All City of Puyallup employees and their eligible dependents that are covered by City of Puyallup?s health insurance plan are eligible to receive Everside Health services. Does choosing the Everside Health option increase my healthcare costs? No, it should do just the opposite. Most services are at little to no cost for preventive and non-preventive services. There is also no charge for phone, email or other remote interactions with your physician. Everside Health services cover a wide array of the most common tests and procedures. There are some tests and procedures that are billed to your primary insurance at rates that are usually much lower than with other providers. Services that may not be covered by Everside Health membership will be covered by City of Puyallup?s insurance plan. What is different about Everside Health compared to my current primary care provider? Everside Health provides primary care services for you and your family, but is not just another primary care provider. As a Everside Health patient, you get access to your doctor via phone 24/7 for urgent needs. For urgent after hours needs, simply call the office scheduling number which will allow you to have your call directly and securely routed to your doctor. Everside Health physicians offer a scope of services that is broader than a typical primary care practice, so you?ll be able to receive more of your care provided through Everside Health. You?ll also get help and assistance in navigating the healthcare system when you need specialist services or care that cannot be provided at the Everside Health doctor?s office.

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