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We are excited to offer Circle Prosco employees and families a proactive option to help promote healthy lifestyles and curb health care costs. A positive aspect of the clinic is that it gives each of us an opportunity to have a completely tailored health plan. Implementing this plan can not only lower medical costs, but it can also help us improve the quality of our lives. We believe this approach, with your support, can really make a difference. So, plan on getting involved by completing a physical and utilizing the clinic to your health’s full advantage.

Get Care When You Need It Most

With same-day or next-day appointments near you (or online), you’ll spend less time waiting and more time with your care team. And you can reach them 24/7.

We’re Your First Call

We cover your entire healthcare journey, from routine care to chronic condition management to urgent care and more.

Providers Who Care

Our providers take the time to get to know you so they can create a care plan that meets your unique needs.

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