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Better Properties welcomes you to Paladina Health!

Better Properties is pleased to offer Paladina Health to employees and eligible dependents in the Puyallup area.

Plus, enrolled members pay no co-pays or co-insurance for healthcare delivered at the Paladina Health clinic.

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    Get Care When You Need It Most

    With same-day or next-day appointments near you (or online), you’ll spend less time waiting and more time with your care team. And you can reach them 24/7.

    We’re Your First Call

    We cover your entire healthcare journey, from routine care to chronic condition management to urgent care and more.

    Providers Who Care

    Our providers take the time to get to know you so they can create a care plan that meets your unique needs.

    Your Questions, Answered.

    Q: What is Paladina Health?

    Paladina Health is a provider of primary care services that is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. It operates patient-centered medical homes where patients can get most of the medical services they need from an experienced physician, usually at a much lower cost than with other providers. Paladina Health physicians are dedicated to serving an employer’s population, are highly accessible at convenient clinic locations and are held accountable for delivering great care and service. These physicians provide a personal level of service and are available around the clock via cell phone for urgent health matters.

    Q: How do I sign up?

    To sign-up, fill out enrollment form (provided at the info session or HR department). Every member of the family needs to fill out an enrollment form. For your dependents under 18 years of age, you can fill out their form.

    Q: What happens if I need the doctor after hours?

    Or I am away from home? Simply call your Paladina Health physician’s cell phone. Your physician will respond to your concerns no matter where you are or when you call. He/she is directly available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including holidays.

    Q: Does choosing the Paladina Health option increase my healthcare costs?

    No, it should do just the opposite. Because there are no co-pays, no co-insurance or deductibles to meet, it ends up costing you less. The Paladina Health benefit has no impact on your healthcare premium, as it is completely separate from your healthcare plan.

    Q: Are there other expenses associated with the Paladina Health practice?

    No. There are no co-pays, no co-insurance, and no out of pocket exposure for standard primary care services received at the Paladina Health practice. The only things not typically covered are non-standard procedures (e.g., vasectomy), prescription drugs, and specialized labs (e.g., advanced lipid profiles).

    Q: Why do I still need a health insurance plan if this covers my primary care?

    While the Paladina Health benefit does cover approximately 80% of what you normally see a doctor for, it does not cover hospitalizations, specialists, specialist tests, prescription drugs, and certain procedures. You must have insurance coverage to provide for these potential needs.

    Q: Will my employer have access to my health information?

    First, we take your privacy and the confidentiality of your records very seriously. Under HIPAA—federal law—your Paladina Health doctor cannot share your medical records or medical information with your employer, except in some specific instances (e.g., we may share information that is required to manage the health plan, pay for your membership or administer your benefits with authorized administrators of your health plan). Examples include:

    • If your employer offers a premium reduction if you get your annual physical through Paladina Health. In this case, we will share confirmation that you have completed your physical with your plan administrator so you receive the appropriate premium reduction.
    • In order to pay for your membership, your employer needs to know that you are enrolled. On a monthly basis, we will confirm with your employer that you are currently enrolled in the Paladina Health benefit.

    What will never be shared with your employer:

    • Specific visit information, beyond what is required to administer your health benefits
    • Test results or your health record
    • Diagnoses or care plans

    Q: Does every member of my family have to join?

    No, there are no restrictions on the number of people from the family that have to join.

    Q: Can I continue to see my primary care physician and just use the Paladina Health doctor as needed?

    Yes, until you are comfortable with your Paladina Health doctor. After that, we would like you to fully switch to your new Paladina Health doctor in order to maximize the value of the relationship. If you wish to go back your previous physician it will cost you more in co-pays and other charges associated with that choice.

    Q: Do I have to see the Paladina Health physician at their office?

    No. The Paladina Health physician will have regular office hours at the onsite clinic and may also visit you at your home if appropriate. You can also email the doctor with your questions, or phone them for a consultation. You and your physician will choose the option that is most appropriate for the situation.

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