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We believe the best relationships are based on listening. That’s why we empower Everside Health providers to spend more time with you, to truly get to know you, your full health history and your current concerns. Thoroughly understanding your unique needs allows them to create a better care plan designed specifically for you and help you take the right steps toward better health.

We’ve also shaken up the way we compensate our providers, giving them even more incentive to make sure you get healthy and stay healthy. Instead of paying them based on the number of procedures they do or the tests they order, we tie their pay to your health and overall experience. Less burnout for them, more quality care for you.

You’ll notice we do things a little differently at Everside and it shows. We make healthcare more convenient and affordable—and just easier. Here’s how seeing an Everside Health physician compares with seeing one in a traditional primary care model:

Everside HealthTraditional Primary Care
What is it?Subscription or member-based service for primary carePrimary care provider in an insurance network
Service offeredComplete Care – 24/7 access to a care team for health-related questions and urgent care needs; additional services including occupational health, mental healthcare, wellness coaching, diet and nutrition, screening and immunizations, medication fills, virtual appointments, and more.Preventive, sick care, lab work, immunizations, diagnostic testing, and more high-touch services.
Average wait time for appointmentSame day or next day23 days
Average time spent in waiting roomLess than 3 minutes22 minutes
Average length of patient visit45 minutes7 minutes
Average amount of patients doctors see per day7-1228 – 48
In house pharmacy and labYesMaybe

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