Take a Tour of Your Next Healthcare Benefit

You’re looking for a healthcare benefit that’s going to excite your workforce and your organization’s leaders. A benefit that addresses the pitfalls of traditional fee-for-service health care by focusing on patient outcomes instead of patient volume. One that improves population health under a flat, recurring fee that keeps employers from second-guessing their benefits budget and suffering from spiraling costs. 

But what does it look like? Your onsite or near-site health center is a clean, welcoming, state-of-the-art doctor’s office–one with a fully staffed care team trained to offer an award-winning clinical experience.

A sneak peak at industry-topping results

It’s why three in four employees have a better opinion of their employer after partnering with Everside. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +85 outpaces the industry average of -1.7. 96% of patients trust their Everside provider and 99% of providers report improved satisfaction with their work. 

Want a first look at your next healthcare benefit? Take a tour now.