Celebrating Women’s History Month with Marney Andes

Celebrating Women’s History Month with Marney Andes

This month, we are celebrating Women’s History by featuring female leaders here at Everside. Our first feature is Marney Andes, Vice President of Teammate Experience. Join us each week to learn more about the inspiring women of Everside.

Author of the bestseller, Start with the Give-Me Shots, Marney Andes has dedicated her career to supporting teams and individuals as they develop and grow. Learn more about Marney, what Women’s History Month means to her, and her vision for the next generation of female leaders here: 

Is there a woman who has been especially inspiring to you?

There have been a number of women throughout my life who have been especially inspiring. And while they each have unique characteristics, they all have something in common…confidence to seek more for themselves and other women and the willingness to elevate other women, without expecting anything in return. Those are inspiring women. Those are inspiring people. 

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?  
The intentional focus, recognition, and education of the contributions of women is important to me as a professional, a mom, female leader, and community advocate. Knowing the achievements of women and what those before me have had to endure, overcome, and what remains for me and other women to continue to fight for, is important for all, especially our children and future generations. I’ve been asked before what my stance is, specifically since I’m a mom to boys. And I’ve shared over and over that educating my boys about the privilege that they experience as males, that they may not even be aware of, is important. The importance of my boys growing up knowing that they must be advocates for women, not just those who are family or friends. They must be advocates and champions for women in their future work, their communities, and more.  

Continue to advocate for yourself and other women –elevating each other, lifts us all.  

What advice do you have for the next generation of female leaders?  

  1. Continue to advocate for yourself and other women –elevating each other, lifts us all.  
  1. Trust yourself and your instincts – hold space for candid feedback, but don’t stifle yourself with permission seeking. 
  1. Carve out room for reflection – learning and growing, getting ahead, finding clarity and more are made possible by reflection and consideration, not working non-stop. Make time to reflect, every day.