Beat the Great Resignation with a Flagship Benefit

“Helping employees get access to a primary-care doctor might be one of the most important things employers could do to improve employee health outcomes.”

The Wall Street Journal

If you’ve taken a recent poll of how your workforce feels about their healthcare benefits, you’ve likely found frustration with available local care and, as a result, population-wide lack of engagement. Consider that, even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, workers felt uninspired by their benefits package. A 2018 Randstad study found that: 

  • only 39% of workers were satisfied with their current benefits  
  • 66% said that benefits are the largest determining factor in considering a job offer  
  • 61% would take lower pay for a better benefits package 

And in today’s employee market—hiring crunches that give workers bargaining power to choose they job they want—don’t expect your employees to stick around if they find a better benefits package elsewhere. 

The Quadruple Aim, a better benefit

Instead, consider pivoting away from the shortcomings of the fee-for-service healthcare model and offer a benefit that your employees will love. That benefit—called direct primary care—begins with Everside Health’s Quadruple Aim. 

The Quadruple Aim works like this: 

  1. We support our healthcare providers with smaller patient panels, less admin time, and access to meaningful patient data; 
  1. Which supports our patients with a more focused and personalized care experience at low to no copay; 
  1. Which improves outcomes through better compliance, virtual and in-person support, and robust service offerings; 
  1. Which reduces costs for both patients and clients through a preventive model that avoids downstream costs and traumatic health events 

This provider->patient->outcomes->costs cycle lies at the heart of the Everside difference. It’s why we see strong engagement across our book of business that correlates to clinical outcomes, financial savings, and client retention.

What’s more: 82% of employees with an Everside health benefit reported improved health, and three in four said they have an improved opinion of their employer.

Lead the charge with a competitive solution

Stand out as an organization of choice and an advocate for better healthcare options while reducing costs for everyone. And hear from an Everside client today about the impact of their Everside partnership on 2,300 total lives.

“We were the first school district in the region to be able to offer 100% of our employees access to the [COVID-19] vaccine. The innovation and agility [with Everside] have been tremendous.”

Dr. Mark Hansen, Superintendent, School District of Elmbrook